14 Best Creative Side Table Ideas

You see side tables all over in coffee shops and living rooms, hallways and beside your favourite Mahogany sleigh beds, serving as an end table or nightstand. Side tables are a necessity of every civilized life with a million and one uses. Whether it's your glass of water, your family pictures or even your laptop, side tables are designed to house them all. But as any good designer knows, sometimes the functional furniture can be just as interesting as the oddball stuff that serves no function at all but makes for great conversation pieces. Here are our top pick on bedside table ideas and table decorations ideas, so read ahead and get inspired for your next DIY home project!

Antique Side Table

The first antique side table we'll look at is the one with a drawer. This furniture comes in different sizes and styles, but it's usually made from wood and has a drawer that can be used for your items. For example, you can keep your favourite book or mug inside this storage space. Antique side tables with shelves are another option if you want something more versatile than a simple surface on top of which you can put things like cups or plates. You can use these pieces as end tables next to your couch or bed, where they'll keep books close by while also giving off an elegant vibe when people come into your living room, like Hudson Furniture’s Classic Provence French Bedside. Another popular style includes antique side tables with storage underneath them—this provides even more space for small things like remotes or other electronics, so they don't get lost among more essential items on the surface (or hidden away somewhere else). Some people prefer having three drawers instead; everything stays organized even if there's extra stuff lying around!

Scandinavian Side Table

Scandinavian side tables for bedroom are known for their minimalist design and are usually wood-made. They are popular in modern interiors because they add an organic feel to the bedside table decor and make it look more comfortable. The best part about Scandinavian tables is that they can be placed anywhere, from your living room to your bedroom or bathroom, depending on where you find them most useful. Some Scandinavian tables have been designed with drawers to store things like books or magazines, while others have shelves built into them so that you can display your table decor ideas on top of them. Scandinavian side table designs can differ depending on where they were made and by whom—but one thing remains constant: they’re usually placed next to a sofa! This design might be right up your alley if you want something more traditional but still appealing!

Vintage Side Table

To make a vintage side table, you need old wood that's at least 10 inches wide. Some good options include reclaimed wooden planks and pallets. If your wood still needs to be old enough, soak it in water for several hours to make it more weathered-looking before you begin construction. Use a hammer and nails to attach the pieces in the shape of an L-shaped platform (or whatever other body works for your space). Sand down the entire piece with sandpaper until it looks worn and antique-y!

Painted Nightstand

Paint is a great way to give an old piece a new look. Use a brush or roller to apply the paint, depending on whether you want an even coat. Let dry before using, and use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess paint from the tabletop (or anywhere else) afterward. For example Campaign Side Table

Reclaimed Wood Side Table

Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for furniture and interior design. It can be used as a small bedside table in many ways, including:
  1. Side tables
  2. Coffee tables
  3. Bookcases
In addition to its aesthetic value, reclaimed wood is eco-friendly. This means you are helping the environment by choosing reclaimed wood furniture over other materials. Reclaimed wood also has added character thanks to its history and ability to repurpose old pieces of lumber or construction scraps into something new and beautiful.

Modular Side Table

The modular side table is unique and can be used as a modern modular coffee table or end table. This side table has two levels, one open and the other closed. It has a drawer in the lower level, and it can also be used to store items such as books or magazines. You can add this side table in your room to create additional space for your guests, like magazines, books, etc., along with an LED lamp so that they will have enough light when reading them at night!

Bamboo Side Table

Bamboo is a renewable resource that is strong, lightweight, and easy to work with. Bamboo also has an excellent track record for durability. It's naturally resistant to insects and decay, making it a good insulator for side tables too.

Farmhouse Style Side Table

If you're looking for a way to add some rustic charm to your home, look no further than the farmhouse-style side table. These tables are easy to make and can be customized to fit any space. They can also be made from reclaimed wood or repurposed furniture items like wooden pallets. To start, gather your supplies:
  1. 2x4s or 1/2" plywood for the base
  2. Pine boards (1/2" thick) for the tabletop
  3. 1 1/4" wood screws for attaching all pieces

Vintage Telephone Stand

You can use an old telephone stand as a bedside table or a desk side table. A vintage telephone stand made from reclaimed wood, metal and glass make for a great nightstand—it's modern and industrial-looking, but also has plenty of character thanks to the history behind it. This style is often found in homes with midcentury and industrial design aesthetics, but you'll be surprised how versatile this look is and how many different styles it can complement. The best part about this type of furniture is that you don't have to settle for just one! If you already have a vintage telephone stand that doesn't work for your current space, find another one that does! You could even add some fun little discoveries along the way by visiting thrift stores or garage sales (or your grandparents' house).

Tree Trunk Side Table

This is a great way to use up the leftover wood you have after cutting down your own tree. A side table that also serves as a centerpiece is sure to be a hit at any party, and it won't break the bank either.

Industrial Style End Tables

This look is all about the texture. It's perfect for a casual space with vintage or reclaimed wood tables, like this end table from West Elm. You can also try this bedside table styling with metal tables, like these side tables from Target. For something a little more unique and industrial-looking, consider using an old-school desk as an end table. This one has been painted white and set on top of black bookshelves—it looks great against the red walls in this space!

Nordic Style End Tables

Nordic style end tables are perfect to add a touch of modern design to your home. The minimalist look is very popular right now, especially among interior designers who are looking for ways to create a clean and uncluttered space. If you are going for this style, these end tables would be ideal. They come in different sizes and shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular, and even triangular shape! So if you want to give yourself more options when shopping for them then go ahead! They also come in different colors so if black isn't really your thing then maybe white or gray will be better.

Square Coffee Tables with Storage

There's a reason why bookshelves are so popular on Pinterest. Not only do they provide an extra place to store your books and knick-knacks, but they also add character and depth to a room. Some side tables can act as tall bookcases, which is great if you've got a lot of things that need storage. Some of these tables have built-in shelves for displaying books or other decor items. If the idea of having too many things on display makes you nervous (or more likely, if your partner doesn't like it), consider hiding those items inside drawers when not in use. This creates a nice surprise for guests when they see the contents of your storage area--it's like having a secret drawer!

Chairside Cabinet with Power Outlet and USB Ports

The 14th design is a chairside cabinet with a power outlet and USB ports for the living room and bedroom. It has a wooden frame with metal legs, two shelves, and an open storage space in the middle. The power outlets are located on one side while the USB ports are on another side, so you can charge your gadgets easily when sitting in a chair or lying on your bed.


As you can see, there are many different ways to create a unique side table, with so many bedside table ideas that will fit into any home. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, it is always fun to try something new and make your own design. You never know how easy it can be until you try! Visit Hudson Furniture for more inspiration.