Q. Is GST included in Hudson Furniture’s prices? All our quoted prices include 10% GST.

Q. Is all your furniture completely handmade or are machines used? No machines what so ever are used in our manufacturing process.  All carvings and details, no matter how intricate, are done by hand. With the beds, each piece is created out of the same piece of timber, ensuring a perfect fit when assembled at its destination.

Q. What if I am looking for a particular item to complete a set and cannot find it? If you are looking for something unique and have an idea in mind, we would be happy to work with you to create your vision. Naturally there is a longer timeframe for this service. Please see our custom made section for more details.

Q. Do I have to buy online? We welcome all orders, via our website, over the phone and even during a visit to our warehouse unit. Please call us with your queries 02 9553 0146.

Q. Do you deliver? We offer delivery around the Sydney metro area at a cost of $90. For the rest of NSW and across Australia, we can help arrange a specialist furniture mover for your goods. Please contact us via our enquiry form or call us for details.

Q. We don’t need delivery for a while and not sure of when we will need it. Can you help?  We frequently work with customers who want to buy bedroom furniture for a new house under construction or a renovation of an existing property. If you are unable to take delivery of your furniture when it is ready, we are happy to store it for you free of charge for up to two months, as long as the items have been paid for in full.

Q. What care does your furniture require?  Just the usual upkeep of dusting, either with a damp cloth or household polish. Our furniture should be kept away from any direct heat sources.
Q.  Do your beds come assembled?  All of our beds ship in four separate packages, including a headboard, footboard, a pack containing side rails and finally one for slats. With the four poster beds, they have two further packages which contain the roof surrounds and curtain poles.

Q.  What supports the mattress?  There are 15 hardwood slats supported by a central solid beam. This fits from the headboard to the footboard through the middle of the bed.

Q. What tools are required to assemble your beds?   A thin screwdriver or Alan key is required to tighten our custom made bolts.

Q. How do the beds go together?  The beds are very simple to erect. Each fitting is clearly lettered and merely requires matching up each pair of letters. The male/female brackets for each corner are then secured with a brass bolt.

Q. How long do custom orders take to complete?  We have a commitment to an average 14 weeks turn around for all pre-orders, but sometimes there can be circumstances out of our control that may impact on your delivery date.

Due to our factory being based in Indonesia, these factors could include shipping delays such as custom backlogs or bad weather that might impact on the departure schedule, religious holidays or production issues that can arise, as with any factory. 

As soon as we are made aware of any concerns, then we will always keep in regular communication with you to ensure you are well informed. Please note we can only confirm the final delivery date once we have received the shipping documents approximately three weeks before the due arrival.

We thank you in advance for your patience and believe your furniture will be worth the wait.

If there are any questions you feel are unanswered then please contact us via the enquiry form on our website, email on info@hudsonfurniture.com.au or call us on 02 9553 0146