Why we are the green choice

Hudson Furniture - the Green Choice

Mahogany is one of the most valuable and desirable furniture timbers in the world due to its attractive decorative properties and unsurpassed strength and durability. Our mahogany timber is made from the species Swietenia Macrophylla, which is grown in sustainable plantations in Java established by the Dutch centuries ago. These plantations produce renewable timber from Brazilian saplings - we do not use any indigenous or wild-grown mahogany.

Hudson Furniture does all our manufacturing entirely by hand, using absolutely no automated mass manufacturing machinery. Most importantly we use none of the following materials:

- Veneers, real or engineered
- Chipboard
- Softwood ply

All of these materials require large amounts of wax, water, petrochemical glues and resins, and even formaldehyde to manufacture. Furthermore, the intensive heat processes necessary to produce them increase carbon emissions. We are proud to reduce our carbon output by producing furniture in a traditional handmade way. Once completed, our orders are delivered via sea freight, further reducing our carbon footprint and reinforcing our green promise. By buying furniture online from Hudson Furniture you acquire a treasured heirloom that doesn’t cost the earth.