5 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics

We all love pets, and its adorable to have them around in the house. But hold on, we all know what damage they can do to your beautiful and costly furniture. Claws, fur, and teeth can leave irrevocable marks and scratches on your beautiful tuxedo couch. Sounds horrible? Yes, without a doubt.

Don't worry; we came up with the finest solution to this: to use pet-friendly fabrics for your furniture, be it your sofa, ottoman, side cushions or be it your best bed headboard australia. Then you won't have to reupholster your stylish furniture again and again. Not a single fabric material is 100% pet-proof, but certain pet-friendly fabrics are more resistant than others.

So, don't worry; you don't have to repair your couch repeatedly. In this blog, we'll talk about the top 5 pet-friendly fabrics to save your furniture. Moreover, we'll be discussing some pet tips for this as well. So, let's start.

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Fabrics

Check out these top 5 Pet-Friendly Fabrics which will save your furniture from your pet’s claws.


Leather seems to be a good choice for people who have pets with heavy fur because it won't get stuck to leather. It is the best couch material for big dogs. A simple vacuum and a commercial cleaner would be more than enough to keep it clean. However, the leather can show scratches (which is not that bad). If you own a cat, it's better to trim its nails because sharp claws can puncture the leather, leaving tiny holes in your leather couch. After a particular time, leather usually develops a patina (aging of leather can turn it a bit darker) that some people think is cool. A pet can contribute to creating a patina, especially when they love a particular spot on the couch. But if you want your leather to stay pristine, keep your pets away. And if that's not possible, consider using a slipover or a blanket to protect it.


  1. Fur won't stick to furniture
  2. Resists punctures
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Odor and stain resistant


  1. Will show scratches
  2. Not completely cat-proof
  3. Real leather is expensive


There are many good reasons to use velvet as a pet-friendly sofa fabric: it's luxurious, soft, and has a great texture. And surprisingly, it is also durable. Pet claws usually don't damage it; if they do, this fabric is really easy to repair. Velvet is also stain resistant to some extent. Even if your naughty pet makes some mess on your velvet couch, ottoman or chair, you can easily clean it with minimal effort. Due to its dense pile, your pet's paws won't be able to get caught in the fabric, leaving snags and pulls to your couch. And interestingly, you'll notice that your pet won't show any interest in scratching your beautiful velvet. We suggest you go with synthetic velvet, not the one with cotton. Synthetic velvet can get cleaned quickly with a little effort, making it the perfect pet-friendly fabric.


  1. Luxurious and soft
  2. Don't get damaged easily
  3. Always in trend


  1. Attracts pet hair and dust
  2. Spills have to be cleaned immediately


The most significant plus point of using microfiber as a pet-friendly fiber is its tight weave. There are no loops in microfiber fabric, so your pet's claws won't be able to tear it off. Its surface is plush and suede-like, so the chances of your pet's paws sinking are pretty low. This is one of the best fabric for cat owners whose felines consider furniture their personal scratching sites. But your cat's paws must be trimmed well so that this fabric might stand well against this torture. Let me tell you, microfiber is not pretty much water-resistant like leather, so stains and spills need to be avoided. Another concern is that this material will attract pet furs like a magnet, so you need to clean your furniture more often with a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner to remove the hair.


  1. Very tight weave
  2. Good cat claw resistance
  3. Highly abrasion resistant
  4. Odor and stain resistant
  5. Luxurious feel


  1. Attracts loose fur and dander
  2. Absorbs stains and odors
  3. Expensive


Canvas is an excellent choice as a pet-friendly fabric for homes with pets because it is highly resistant to tears and doesn't trap dirt or hair. It has tight woven material, which makes it quite durable and easy to clean with just soap and water. Using canvas slipcovers is also a way to protect your furniture. Just remove the cover when it gets dirty and then toss it straight into the washing machine to easily remove dirt, hair, and dander. They are relevantly cheaper if compared to other pet-friendly fabrics. So, if your canvas slipcover gets ruined, replacement is better than replacing a whole couch.


  1. Durable
  2. Less prone to shrinkage
  3. Cheaper


  1. Not Absorbing
  2. Not much Variety


Denim is also on the list of top 5 pet-friendly fabrics, which is known for its dyed warp thread and white weft thread. Twill weaves of this fabric make it super durable and highly resistant to scratches. The tight weaving of this fabric also prevents any material from latching onto them. Denim makes a good choice as a pet-friendly fabric due to its durability and tight weaves. They can even be cleaned easily with mild soap and water. While the casual fabric may look out of place in fancier living rooms, comfy family rooms, sunrooms, and cottage interiors can benefit from denim furniture.


  1. Rich fabric colors
  2. Durable
  3. Resistant


    Difficult to dry

Keep These Things in Mind Before Choosing Any Pet-Friendly Fabric

When it comes to choosing furniture fabrics that are suitable for pets, there are a few points to keep in mind
  1. Consider the type of fabric. Some materials, like leather, are naturally resistant to pet hair and dirt, making them a good choice for homes with pets. Other fabrics, like velvet, wool, or linen, may require more upkeep but can also be beautiful and durable.
  2. Consider the color of the material. Darker colors will show less dirt and hair, while lighter colors may be more prone to staining.
  3. Choose a fabric that's comfortable for both you and your pet. Pet-friendly furniture fabrics can be stylish and practical, so take your time to find the perfect option for your home.

Tips to Protect Your Furniture From your Pets

You can do a few things to protect your furniture fabrics if you have pets.
  1. Try to use sip covers over your upholstered furniture. These things can be easily removed and washed, which will help to keep the fabric clean and free of your pet's hair and dirt.
  2. Try to keep your pets off the furniture as much as possible. This will help to minimize the amount of wear and tear on the fabric.
  3. Vacuum your furniture regularly to remove any pet hair or dirt that may be adhering to the fabric.


We all love to have cute pets like dogs and cats, but we don't want our elegant and trendy furniture to get ruined by these little cuties. So, to save you, we discussed the top 5 best pet-friendly fabrics, each in detail, with their pros and cons. There won't be any confusion between what to choose and what to not. And following the mentioned tips for saving the furniture of your pets will help you a lot. Now, no need to worry about your furniture regarding your tiny buddies and their mess. Visit Hudson for more decor ideas and solutions.