Best Wood For Customised Furniture: Buyer's Guide

Not sure which wood is best for your customised furniture? You've come to the right place! 

We'll assist you in deciding which is the best wood furniture for your home according to your style. Purchasing strong wood furniture is a speculation that you'll appreciate for a lifetime. 

There are many different types of wood for furniture; a few are the following:


Walnut is a complex, solid, and tough wood for customising furniture. It cuts well and holds its shape for quite a long time, making it ideal for luxurious furniture that requires a significant degree of craftsmanship. This wood is excellent for venture pieces and furniture you need to remain in your family for ages. Think Amish Heirloom furniture.

In South Australia, walnut grows from Tasmania to Moree in northern New South Wales. Its tone fluctuates from white to dull brown, and it's known for its enormous burls. Common sorts include Brazilian walnut, Caribbean walnut, dark walnut and North American pecan wood. Walnut's grain usually is straight. However, a few waves show up nearer to the roots. Walnut is the best choice for customised furniture that is ornate and requires much detail.

Fun fact: Because of its robust nature, walnut was utilised to make plane propellers in World War I.

Fun fact


Maple is one of the hardest wood types for furniture, and it's regularly used for substantial things like dressers and feasting sets, as it can get hammered. Maple is more moderate than different hardwoods, and this, joined with its strength, makes it ideal for young families. 

Maple is found basically in the Great Lakes locale. Its shading goes from cream to ruddy brown, and it takes dull stains particularly well. Along these lines, maple wood can undoubtedly be finished to look like more of a costly wood like mahogany. Maple wood has a straight, fine grain with periodic fiddleback patterns. Hard maple typically has a lighter tone, while delicate maple will be somewhat more obscure in general. 

Fun fact: Many researchers believe that maple was utilised to assemble the internal casing of the Trojan horse.

Fun fact


Mahogany is a robust hardwood that is often utilised for intricate pieces of furniture. This wood has a pleasingly fine, straight grain. On account of the mahogany trees' enormous size, it is cut down in huge sheets. 

This makes it an ideal convergence of point furniture. Mahogany has an ageless look and adds warmth to the room, and any mahogany custom wood furniture will last ages with appropriate care. 

Mahogany is local to coastal areas from Nowra in New South Wales to Gladstone in Queensland; however, it's grown throughout the jungles and Africa. African mahogany has become more well known than South American mahogany. Its colour contrasts from pale to pink to reddish-brown with a straight grain. Mahogany is the best wood for exquisite and timeless furniture, substantial pieces like dining tables.

Fun fact: Mahogany is often utilised in instruments, giving the sound a rich, warm tone.

Fun fact


Birch is an incredibly solid and tough hardwood that fills bounteously in Australia. The species' outstanding appearance and fair shading make it an extraordinary wood type for modern furniture. It has a rich, clean-line grain that complements the simplistic interior design. 

Its colour ranges from cream to light rosy brown with a fine grain. The wood's solid, challenging nature makes it extraordinary for carpentry and itemized craftsmanship. 

Fun fact: Howard Hughes' famous H-4 Hercules aeroplane, known as the "Tidy Goose," was made of birch.

Fun fact


Oak is a sturdy and dependable wood type. The wood is amazingly dense in light of the trees' slow growth, adding to its quality. The wood adapts to a variety of finishes, making it ideal for both modern and customary furnishings. It's likewise frequently utilized for Mission/Arts and Crafts furniture plans. 

Most oak amble comes from the eastern and focal United States. Numerous American collectibles are made of oak wood as it's promised to last hundreds of years with considerable care—the colour ranges from light brown to pinkish-red with a twirling or striped grain. Oak furniture is frequently known as scratch- and stain-resistant wood, if appropriately wrapped up. 



Bamboo is known for its eco-friendly characteristic and excellent light shading, and the species is grass instead of hardwood. Along these lines, bamboo proliferates, and it grows around 10-times quicker than hardwoods do, and bamboo also resists swelling and shrinking.

Bamboo fills in each landmass aside from Europe and Antarctica. Its tone differs from high light to a warm medium tone, yet usually, it flaunts a delicate blonde manner. Bamboo wood is very versatile for design but is most common in contemporary designs. Bamboo is considered the best wood for furniture made for environmentally-conscious families and modern interiors. 

Fun fact:  The strength of an average Bamboo species is 3 x times stronger than conventional construction-grade wood.

Fun fact


Finding the best wood for furniture isn't simple in every case, simply because there are many good options to choose from. In any case, by understanding your requirements and the various sorts of wood, you can find the most suitable wood for your home furniture.