5 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes

When it comes to curating a home for yourself, many things will come together to create the perfect home for your family. But, in some cases, some common interior design mistakes go unnoticed when planning your home. That's when we turn to Interior designers for help.

Choosing the right furniture for your home is one of the most challenging decisions you have to make. The major interior design mistakes to avoid are curtains position, rug size, lights, display and furniture aesthetics. There are many common interior design mistakes people make if they are inexperienced or lack aesthetic sense of decor.

Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Hanging Curtains Too Low

Curtains play a crucial role in completing the room look and they are also super functional. One of the home design mistakes is hanging curtains too low or just above the window frame. Hanging curtains at just the right level would make the room look spacious and tall. Also, remember that the biggest interior design mistakes is that hanging curtains just below the ceiling and allowing them to extend down to the floor will make them appear larger.


Forcefully Matching Furniture

Mixing colours and styles can be unique and sometimes necessary to create a vibrant room. But, forcing colours so that they match the furniture is one of the interior design mistakes to avoid at all costs. It may seem easier to explore the furniture catalogue and be certain that everything will look the same. However, it depends on many elements; such as the size of the room, amount of natural light, wall paint and budget. Never rush while decorating your home. Take your time in researching and designing, and don't go for the wrong interior design details when selecting furniture.


Displaying Cutlery On Shelf

Keeping the most beautiful pieces on display will eventually be covered in dust, which can ruin the quality of the cutlery and it's a extra home chore to dust them every day. Another mistake is that they can accidentally fall from the shelf which can result in breakage or damage. You can stack up one above the other instead of placing them vertically on display. It's okay to display fancy cups or plates but filling shelves with cutlery is one of the common interior design mistakes.


Using the Wrong Rug Size

Rugs are the last thing people wonder about when decorating their homes. Rugs put together the place and give it a very cozy look. The right area rug can help anchor a room, define a space, or create a colour palette. People often make the bedroom interior design mistakes by choosing the wrong rug size according to their place. The living room rug should be big enough to fit in front of the furniture and large enough to cover all the furniture like sofas or a coffee table. In the dining room, the rug size should be enough to cover all the chairs, and the bedroom 2 feet from the sides of the bed looks good.


Having Enough Lights in the Room

One of the most common interior decorating mistakes is that people don't install enough lights in the room or don't allow natural light to brighten the room. So, when you move to a new place, you should consider the element of natural light and how to incorporate lamps or ceiling lights accordingly. A well-thought-out lighting plan will ensure each room has enough light to study, eat or do any task comfortably. Lights create a sense of ambience and give a unique look to every room. But overdoing lights is one of the biggest interior design mistakes as well.


Final Thoughts

The best way to avoid common interior design mistakes is to learn from experience or research while planning to decorate your home. Catch up with other interior designers to see what they are doing and the interior design mistakes they used to make but learned overtime. The most important thing is to look at the details, like do not hang curtains too low, dont match the furniture, don't put your cutlery on display, do not use the wrong rug size, and there should be lights in the room. These nitty gritty details are interior design mistakes to avoid.