Custom Design Furniture: Ideas Into Reality

It’s crucial to us that our products speak for themselves. That’s why we make it easy for you to shop online, get inspired by the latest catalogue, new arrivals, and then head into one of our Hudson Furniture showrooms—almost like a retail therapy vacation, but without having to leave your home. Hudson Furniture is bespoke designs customised to the individual needs of each customer. We work with you to create furniture that reflects your taste, budget, and lifestyle. From the materials used to the colour scheme and size, every aspect is customised to fit your needs. 

Seeing the Possibilities

We will work in close conjunction with you to really know your vision. We design and manufacture beautiful furniture that’s built for life. We’ve been creating beautiful furniture admired by homeowners and interior designers alike for over a decade. Our talented artisans use only the best quality materials to create custom furniture passed down through generations—craftsmanship matters.

Our experienced, inspiring team of custom furniture makers will respond to your requirements – we offer a wide variety of adjustable designs that can easily be tailored to meet the desires of your lifestyle and your own aesthetic choices.

If you have powerful design ideas, we can work with you to create unique one-off pieces that are genuinely authentic to you, adding the ultimate originality to your house.

Exploring Options

Every piece of furniture we make is tailored, and you’re never more restricted to having a particular finish or colour. You can pick from an exquisite selection of luxurious materials and finishes, and we even have a wide colour palette ideal for achieving a look that’s personal to you. You can mix and match polishes, choose the handles you want, and even design furniture to fit into the most complex areas. If you think your nook is too small or your ceiling’s too tilted for a fitting – think again. 

Custom-fit is what we do best: a home study, a changing room, or an open plan room.

High-end Custom Furniture Makers who understands

Life doesn’t persist still – yesterday’s designs won’t always meet the needs of today. At Hudson Furniture, we’re proud to combine the spirits and traditions of the past and the contemporary- to build furniture as functional as it is beautiful.

We build on years of traditional craftsmanship while using the latest equipment and methods for the best of both worlds – intricately crafted pieces that are created to last while equipping you with the answers you need for modern living.

Hudson Furniture strives to create a piece of furniture that meets each client’s individual needs. We develop a plan for each client with detailed drawings and measurements for the customised product. Our designers work with clients from conception to completion of the project. Creative, flexible, and experienced, we aim to make a beautiful product that is functional and affordable.

Here's one of our client’s Customer Journey for you to see how easy it can all be. 


 Step 1- Initial enquiry

The customer sent us an enquiry about replicating a TV unit that she has seen.

Initial enquiry

Step 2- Initial reply:

We send them pictures of our stain choices, the features and benefits- for example, five years warranty, tech drawing, etc. Then we inquire about the customs requirements they want -for example, type of colour finish, dimensions, etc. The customer then replies and confirms the information and basic measurements.

Step 3- Process Engagement

We send all the information to the factory- and provide a "sketch up" to confirm the design before we offer the quote.

Process Engagement

Step 4- Sketch Confirmation

We send the sketch up to the client for confirmation of the design. offering

Step 5- Quote

We send the quote to the client along with an official order, outlining the price, lead time, deposit required and terms and conditions.

Step 6- Production  

The client confirms the order and pays a deposit, after which we send her a tech drawing and start the production. 


So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our team of furniture experts today and buy custom furniture made your way!