Difference Between French Provincial and Hamptons Style?

There's nothing more soothing than a beautiful and elegant interior. Don't worry; you don't have to replace your furniture to establish the desired look. Investing in the right furniture to transform the entire place into your desired interior can be straightforward.

There are tons of varieties in furniture styling. Choosing the right and the best one can be pretty confusing, though. Don't get confused; go with an elegant but comforting vibe–and you may come up with the two most elegant stylings– French vs Hamptons Style Furniture. Both styles represent the class, showcasing soft and natural materials with eye-captivating color schemes. Both of them can add value to your house. But the point is, which one are you going to choose– among these two?

In this blog, we will have a comparison of both French vs Hamptons style Furniture.

Hamptons Style

Hamptons-style interiors are very bright, light, fresh, and airy with a beautiful coastal vibe which will make you feel very relaxed from the moment you walk in. This classic style– usually inspired by the grand holiday homes in the region of Long Island, known as The Hamptons– has become one of Australia's most famous and beautiful interior design styles. This is the ultimate sophisticated living style.

If we talk about the style, White washed walls are fascinating with abundant natural light. To anchor the living space, you can paint the furniture with contrasting colors of white, black, navy, or natural timber. Open cabinets are perfect for displaying decorative objects, photo frames, shells and corals, books, and other sentimental things.

Suppose we discuss the color palette for decoration and furnishings for the Hamptons style. It's a play of neutrals, blues, and sea and celadon greens with the fabric choices of washed cotton, natural linens, and calico, combined with stripes, pains, and floral hand-blocked prints.

Whatever it is, the quest for a Hamptons-inspired home has led the design world to embrace the one-of-a-kind elements that define this style as they work to recreate it and make it work in their own spaces.

To understand in more depth; what is hamptons style furniture? Let's discuss its elements one by one.

Cool palette

Choose colors that are inspired by nature. White, warm beige, aqua, and cobalt blue work well together, while coral works well with charcoal.

Beach-inspired furniture

Nothing adds coastal chic like an oversized hanging egg chair and bench seat: the soft grey exterior and white railings contrasting with the splash of vibrant green complete the Hamptons' haven. Linen upholstery, wicker, and rattan are also excellent furniture choices.

Flooring and Walls

It exudes beach vibes with its light timber tones and paneled walls. Adding washed-out accessories and neutral-colored rugs in natural materials will help create a sun-bleached look.


The devil is in the details regarding getting a trend right. It is suggested to use pendant lights in traditional shapes and ensure the space has multiple light sources, with a mix of table and floor lamps.

New Life

Repaint or reupholster old pieces of furniture to make them look new and sophisticated. Mixing modern and antique pieces creates a trendy space that won't go out of style. Getting the right balance of shabby chic and contemporary elegance is the key.

Choose your Furnishings

Look through the house from top to bottom. Nothing is more beautiful than chandeliers, table lamps, and sconce lighting. Consider subway tiles or marble for the bathroom, traditional tapware, and neutral colors.

French Provincial Style

French Provincial style encompasses a variety of actual French themes, from decadent luxury to homey comfort. This style includes classic colors, decorative elements, and beautiful symmetrical designs.

We love the French Provincial style, commonly associated with King George of England.

French Provincial homes feature exposed timber and detailed moldings around fireplaces and on cornices and skirting boards. It is also common to see wrought iron features and staircases.

While modern French Provincial Style embodies country-style living with a luxurious flair, it has also evolved since its origins, boasting lighter hues, cleaner design, and modern accents.

Rustic Wood

French provincial homes are known for their simplicity and sophistication. Natural timber flooring and a refined color palette add a sense of timeless elegance to the rustic wooden dining table and padded chairs.

Warm Tones

Drawing inspiration from nature is essential in choosing a color palette for a French provincial-style home. White, neutrals, greys, creams, blushes, and light blues are popular colors for French country interiors.


In a French provincial-style home, parquetry is a must-have feature. Herringbone patterns are the most common way to lay parquet, but there are many other patterns. For example, the French country-style home of interior designer Melissa Penfold has a more elaborate flooring pattern made of French oak.

Antique Furniture

The French provincial style can still be incorporated into more modern homes without parquetry flooring and exposed ceiling beams—specifically, antique furniture and decor.

Variations and Similarities Between French vs Hamptons Style Furniture

Do you prefer a more rustic farmhouse or coastal cottage, flaunting airiness and casual luxury? The interior of your home can be decorated in any way you like. You can use only furniture in the Hamptons style or combine it with French Provincial (or vice versa). Whatever option you choose, these two looks blend beautifully to make your house more relaxed and luxurious. There may be similarities between French provincial and Hamptons fashion. However, a sophisticated eye for detail is required to depict them fully.

Both designs employ natural materials, a lot of white, and classic furniture to create an exquisitely casual and welcoming atmosphere. However, if you pay great attention, you can detect variations between the two.

Same but Not 100% The Hamptons are all about simple, yet elegant, comfort, whereas French Provincial gives extravagant flourishes. The truth is that these two styles are rarely different from one another. After all, Hamptons and French Provincial styles both value calming classic interiors. Unless you have a strong affection for one, combining the timeless elegance of French Provincial with the Hamptons style might produce the ideal fusion of the two.

It’s All White

If we discuss the primary color of both Hamptons and French provincial, it is white. The main focus is light shade palettes and much white-on-white to form airy interiors. This is very important because it makes these two styles look softer. The stark whiteness is balanced with neutral shades like beige and timber, with a hint of washed-down navy and blue sprinkled overall.

Supreme Linen

There's nothing better than crisp linen to show off luxurious shades of white. Fabric-like linen makes a space look effortlessly beautiful. It's why Hamptons and French Provincial use it so much - and you can combine both styles in one room. An otherwise simple aesthetic is given rich texture to it. Bring old-world charm to your home with tufted furniture with button detailing. The linen and tufts or button accents will have a refined appeal that will provide comfort.

Wooden Beauty

Linen isn't the only natural element these two styles share. French Provincial and Hamptons rely on wooden accents and furniture to make their spaces warm and inviting. The most significant difference here is that French Provincial tends to rely heavily on distressed wood and aged metal to depict a country lifestyle. Combining Hamptons and Provincial styles with ample wood coffee tables is possible. It can seem as though families have been gathering around a rustic wood dining table for centuries.

Traditional but Trendy

With big fireplaces and an eclectic yet thoughtfully chosen mix of furniture, the homes speak of tradition and nostalgia. A linen and velvet fabric palette, soft blues and greys, and timeless details echo the humble beginnings of this prestigious beachside playground, which English farmers in the 1600s settled. In the French countryside, the look is more rustic and ornate than The Hamptons' sophisticated nonchalance.


From a grand château to a more modest family farmhouse, the French Provincial style features more decorative details and less understated materials than those used in Hamptons. Think wrought iron, antique brass, oak, big kitchens, flagstone floors, and Juliet balconies.
We know the subtleties of both looks, whether clients want to remain authentic to one or create a seamless, customized blend.


This blog has discussed a brief comparison of French vs Hamptons style furniture. And we also explained the minor differences and the significant resemblances between these two elegant styles. We hope after reading the blog, you have a better and clear picture of both types. Now, you can choose the style of your choice that you are looking for. Don’t forget elegance represents class!