Hamptons Style Charm

What is Hamptons style?

Hamptons-style interiors are generally light, rich, and whitewashed with a modern yet beachy vibe that blends across as effortless and calming.

Hamptons style interiors are an American variant of the French interior design styles Baroque, Empire and Rococo. Empire, namely, due to the simplicity of the design and patterns mimicked,” says Krystal Sagona.

Hamptons style is represented by calm, classic, and refined designs that resort rustic, casual beach vibes. Off-whites, Chic blues, paneled walls, and timber floors are some of the ideas you can recreate your home into a resort-like house. Big bay windows wave living spaces with natural light to form an aura of relaxation, just like being on holiday.

So how do you attain a Hampton Style Charm in your home?

Cool palette

Cool palette

Pick colours inspired by nature. Soft beige, warm white, aqua, and cobalt blue blend splendidly together, while pulsing coral colours work well with charcoal tones.

Beach-inspired furniture

Nothing adds seaside chic like an oversized swinging egg chair and bench seat: the soft dusk exterior and white rails diverging with the dash of vibrant green concludes the Hamptons haven.

Beach-inspired furniture

Linen cushioning, rattan and wicker are also excellent furniture choices.

Flooring and walls

Dull timber tones and panelled walls radiate beach vibes. Washed out accessories and hues will help achieve a sun-bleached look, while a neutral coloured rug in rustic materials will make all the variance.

Beach-inspired furniture


The trick is getting the right blend of faded chic and modern delicacy. Give old bits of furniture a cleanup and reupholster or repaint to transform them into something new and contemporary. Modern pieces coupled with old create a trendy range that won't date.

Choose your furnishings

Take a look right through the house. Chandeliers, table lamps and sconce lights are lovely statement pieces. Think subway tiles or marble for the bath, conventional tapware, and stick with neutral colours.

Fabrics typical to the Hamptons style

Hamptons style interiors prefer natural elements and fabrics for furniture and homewares and focus on texture in the house itself, such as timber and stone. 

Fabrics typical to the Hamptons style

Look for pieces made from wood, leather, cotton, linen and wool.

“Classic chequered fabrics and rosy gingham or pinstripe schemes used in a modern way are typical to Hamptons style,” recommends Krystal.

Imagine the calm and peaceful seaside – the cool breeze, natural light and relaxing environment. All these are essential aspects of beach home design and can be created in your home by incorporating the elements from our Hampton's Style range

So, visit now and add Hamptop chic to your home!