Hamptons Style Flooring Ideas 2023

Floors are the first thing that people notice every time they step inside your house. So, it has to look nice and give a welcoming vibe to every guest. There are a variety of designs in flooring, depending on your mood and style. But if you are looking to create an upscaled but also coastal vibe in your house, especially when it comes to floors, Hamptons-style flooring is the perfect choice to get it. Besides, this is one of the upcoming popular decor styles in Hamptons-style homes, which will go a long way in 2023.

When it is a matter of the Australian community, netizens are said to be pretty much obsessed with the Hamptons style flooring along with Hamptons style furniture from the best Australian furniture stores. It is said that when you are going to adapt the Hamptons look to your home's flooring, relatively matching furnishings will make a decent and soothing combo.We believe your decor reflects your personality and style, so always be sure about what you are looking for when styling your home. Hamptons style flooring is a vast collection of fabulous designs you can choose from according to your taste.

This blog will explore the exciting and unique Hamptons flooring ideas for 2023. Let's start.

What is Hamptons Style Flooring?

Hamptons style originated from the east Hamptons in upstate New York. This style creates a refined and sophisticated vibe by using light whitewashed colors while also using blues and grays. Hamptons style flooring is used in combination with a light or white color and some dark-toned interiors– usually with large sun-filled rooms, which exude luxury.


Types of Hamptons Style Flooring?

Two main categories in Hamptons style flooring are light Hampton style flooring and dark Hampton style flooring. Let's discuss them one by one.


Light Hamptons-style flooring

There are two main categories in the Hamptons style flooring. Light flooring is one of the most common and suitable choices for Hamptons-style flooring. The main reason to choose this one is that it blends seamlessly to create an aesthetic look.


Light Engineered Timber Hamptons Flooring

This style is for you when you want a simple but sophisticated flooring style in your Hamptons-style home. The bright beach style will lift the atmosphere and remind you that you're living in a country surrounded by gorgeous, white, sandy beaches. For homes that have plenty of light and are accentuated mainly by white, a Hampton-style floor might be the obvious choice for your refurbishment or home decorating project. However, to remind you that it's not the kind of style that can go well inside your home because it can't tolerate getting wet. Timber flooring is always best and suitable for dry areas.


Strong & Beautiful Laminate Hamptons Flooring

If you live in Australia and want to celebrate the light and beachy vibe, then the solid and laminate Hamptons flooring is perfect for you. Even some of Australia's most prestigious and elegant homes have adopted this Hamptons flooring style. Homes with busy households, children or pets with sharp claws are most likely to be adapted to this laminate flooring. Because it is one of the strongest floorings with high resistance to scratches, dents, fades, and stains. Although it is not 100% waterproof, getting full water-resistant flooring might not be best for you.


Vinyl Plank Hamptons Flooring

Vinyl plank Hampton's flooring feels soft underfoot and offers a high level of comfort to you and your family. This is perfect for your home if you want 100% waterproof flooring for the wet areas of your house. This waterproof option has come a long way since the inception of the material, and the visual effect can now rival its natural Timber counterpart. Besides, it also does have an antimicrobial coating to save you from germs.


Hybrid Hamptons Flooring

Hybrid Hampton's flooring is considered very rigid, combining laminate and vinyl. This flooring is considered to be stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and pet friendly. And the most significant benefit is that it is very easy to clean and maintain.


Dark Hamptons Style Flooring

Darker floors can add depth and contrast to a room and a touch of interest to a room that may otherwise feel a little too whitewashed and flat. Although this style is less popular than the light one, dark flooring blends very well when done perfectly. Further subcategories are explained below.


Dark Timber Hamptons Flooring

Dark timber Hampton flooring is considered one of the trendiest and most elegant dark Hamptons floorings. With hues ranging from a rich brown to a neutral gray, it's a perfect choice for your home and office. Dark timber Hamptons flooring doesn't only look good because it's just solid color but also exhibits the natural features that make it an all-time favorite.

Deep Toned Laminate Floors

Deep-toned laminate flooring is the best go-to choice for hampton style homes with continuous innovation in colors and styles. This flooring used to be a simple smattering with different colors and textural patterns. With time it evolved to trendier shades. It is durable and versatile, providing a cool and laminated style to your home.

Dark Vinyl Plank Hamptons Flooring

Dark Vinyl plank flooring is already quite popular in the market; it is considered much more durable and versatile than other dark Hamptons flooring. This provides the perfect look to your beautiful Hamptons-style home. You can have this luxurious look inside your hampton style homes in a less costly manner.


Tips Before Choosing any Flooring Style

Before you decide to go with your favorite flooring style, you need to keep certain things in before making a purchase:


First, you have to choose the area in which you will have your favorite Hamptons flooring style. The size and shape of the area are quite important in making the right flooring choice. Choosing lighter colors will make small spaces look wider, while darker shades bring more warmth.


When it comes to picking the suitable style of flooring for your property, a lot will depend on your taste, but make sure that it's going to blend well with the existing decor is something you'll need to keep in mind when you're narrowing down your choices. If you fail to do so, you might also have to go to the furniture shop!


Your choice of type will be influenced by your personal preferences most of the time. When you decide on the flooring type, you will need to select the sub-type. If you like the idea of wooden floors in your home, do you want solid timber wood floors, hardwood floors, old-fashioned boards, or maybe imitation wood-effect vinyl? Next, there's the shape. Many people prefer uniform squares, while others favor long, thin planks. It can be a difficult task.


A budget is essential, but sticking to it is probably even more important. In today's world, flooring can be relatively inexpensive or jaw-droppingly expensive. Be realistic about your spending when it comes to choosing flooring style and stay within your budget.


Flooring is said to be one of the essential elements in your house that people notice every time they visit your place. It has to look great and deliver a gentle vibe to visitors; along with beautiful hamptons style furniture. There are wide varieties of flooring styles; Hampton's style of flooring is said to be the most aesthetic and beautiful. Hamptons style flooring is divided into two categories: light Hampton flooring and dark Hampton flooring. Each of them has multiple options for you to choose from. And don't forget to take note of certain things, including your area, style, type, and budget, before choosing any office or apartment flooring ideas. Always choose carefully. For more updates stay tuned with Hudson.