How Do You Mix French Provincial furniture With Hamptons

Although their roots are separate, French provincial and Hamptons style furniture have become simultaneously popular due to the modern design. They have some striking similarities that make them ideal to mix together in one room. Both styles are considered classically modern and timeless as they are not anchored to a specific decade. Featuring an abundance of wood, both styles also feature clean lines and pieces designed with elegance in mind. Lastly, these styles both use colours that feature neutral tones, such as black, white, cream, gold, or silver.

When mixing these two styles together it is important to remember that they share many elements but they are also very different from one another. If you want something traditional then French provincial is more likely to be your first choice while if you want something more modern than Hamptons style would be right up your alley.

French Provincial style vs Hamptons style

When you're decorating, the difference between French Provincial versus Hamptons is in the details. While they both have clean lines and are based on a classic style of furniture design, French Provincial looks more ornate with more straight and curved lines than Hamptons-style pieces do.

In the French Provincial style, you'll notice a lot of curves, crown molding, and other decorative accents. Most pieces are made with materials like mahogany or white oak.

On the other hand, Hamptons-style pieces are more streamlined and minimalistic with clean lines and open spaces—there's no crown molding or fancy flourishes here! The look is all about clean lines and simple design. You'll see it in everything from rugs to tables to chairs.

Create a balance between the two

When you’re thinking about the best way to mix French Provincial furniture with Hamptons, it’s important to create a balance between the two styles. You can do this by using the same colour palette, furniture style, materials and textures – and try not to overdo any one thing. For example: don’t use too much of one pattern or texture as it will compete with your other design elements.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that French Provincial furniture has more ornate details than modern pieces do so you shouldn’t mix them together unless there is enough contrast between them – otherwise it won’t look good!

Finally, remember that less is more when designing!

Use neutral colour palette

When it comes to decorating a French provincial room, you want to stick with a neutral colour palette. This means using white, beige, and grey as your primary colours. These tones will help your furniture stand out without overpowering it. It also allows you to add pops of bright colour through accessories such as pillows or lamps without overwhelming the space!

To create a seamless look that blends well with both French provincial and Hamptons styles use a mix of different textures in the same room: wood finishes such as oak or maple alongside marble or granite tiles for example will work well together because they are similar but offer something unique. Using natural light against artificial light can also provide balance so if possible try including both types in each room (natural light from windows vs electric bulbs) which will provide variety throughout each space rather than just one area being brighter than another which would make everything else seem darker by comparison for example, French provincial beds.

Create texture using different fabrics and materials, like linen and timber

When mixing French provincial hamptons style bedroom styles, it’s important to create texture using different fabrics and materials. This will help you to create a sophisticated but relaxed space.

Use different fabrics in the same room

If you are buying new pieces of furniture, look for cushions that have been made from fabrics that don’t match your existing ones. This will make them stand out and give your home an eclectic look. For example, if you have a lot of linen in your living room then consider adding some velvet cushions to liven it up!

Use different textures in the same room

Incorporate textures like velvet into this style so that they complement the timber finishes found throughout most of these homes – especially when combined with natural stone floors! It also works well because they are both timeless colours which means they won't date as much over time either!

Use different materials in the same room

The wooden floorboards are often laid on top of concrete slabs too - so don't worry about covering them up too much by adding carpets (especially if these rooms get quite hot during summer months). Just remember though - darker tones tend not only be cooler but also absorb light better than lighter shades do; so if possible try choosing something between medium grey or brown instead.

Choose furniture with clean lines and simple shapes

If you are mixing French Provincial furniture with Hamptons, choose furniture that has clean lines and simple shapes. The best types of furniture for this style include timber, linen and leather as well as metal pieces like lamps and French provincial bedroom furniture frames. Also try to limit yourself to neutral colours like white, cream, beige or grey when choosing your new items.

Add statement pieces with bold patterns through cushions, throws and rugs

Add interest to French country furniture with bold patterns. This look is all about texture and colour, so don't be afraid to use different materials like linen, fur, leather and timber. Try adding a neutral colour palette to balance the look. When you're buying accessories for your space and want them to reflect your style, it can be hard knowing where to start! That's why we're here. Take a look at our favourite picks below:

It involves combining both styles in a creative way to form a new look.

In order to create the perfect French provincial hamptons style, you must first determine what it is that you want your room to look like. You can do this by sketching out some ideas on paper or using Pinterest as a reference point for inspiration. Once you have determined what kind of look you would like, it's time to start buying furniture!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying furniture:

Choose simple and clean pieces. Both French provincial and Hamptons styles involve minimalistic designs with simple lines and shapes. This means that any piece of furniture should be able to stand out on its own without being cluttered with too many embellishments or details that take away from the overall design of the room itself


Mixing French Provincial furniture with Hamptons style is a great way to add a layer of sophistication to your home. You can do this by selecting furniture that's either a warm grey or taupe colour and using white accents throughout. Your best bet is steering away from the use of patterned fabrics and pillows, but anything else goes! You'll have an easy time mixing these styles because they both have an emphasis on clean lines, neutral tones and simplicity. This means that you needn't worry about clashing colours or patterns when it comes time to decorate your space. There is no doubt that French Provincial style and Hamptons style are two very different styles. However, it’s possible to combine them in a creative way to form a new look. You can use the tips we’ve given above and create a balance between the two styles through furniture pieces, colour palette and textures. Visit Hudson Furniture for more inspiration.