Hudson Furniture: The pioneer of French Provincial furniture based in Sydney

Sydney As Pioneer

Hudson Furniture is the leading Sydney pioneer manufacturer and retailer of handmade furniture. Expert artisans individually craft each piece to exact standards from carefully selected beautifully hand-crafted solid mahogany furniture using traditional techniques. Established by the Hudson family in 2010, our reputation was based on building reliable and dependable items that would last and last.

When the word French style comes to mind, we quickly start to envision sharp, rich, and classy pictures of old-age charm. The time of renaissance has left behind a great deal of significant French style furniture and works of art that discuss the artistry, feel, and flawless craftsmanship. When it comes to French provincial furniture, what you need is to broaden your sight to take a gander at something elegant, textured and enriched with flawless subtleties.

Be as it may, many might want to consider the overly elaborate, luxurious and overwhelming furniture with heavy décor and ornamental display. In contrast, the authentic French style inspires refinement, balance, and impeccable completion. This sort of style is utilized to improve the magnificence of the house with insightful stylistic theme steps so that whenever your guest arrives, the principal feeling that rings a bell is a feeling of interest to know all the "How's." And we, as pioneers, promise to build your homes into the French glory you dream of. 

Sydney As Pioneer

Rise of French provincial furniture

In the last decade, people began to realize the influence of French home décor. But actually, its reconciliation in home decoration started in the mid-1700 century. Aristocratic French estates and lavish chandeliers characterized the house's greatness and added lavishness to the outward presentation of living space. At that time, inhabitants of grand-styled houses were intrigued to imbue their homes with luxurious goods and decorative plushness.

Changing the perspective of French provincial furniture

Throughout the long term, French design evolved and found its new modern value and transformed avatar. The view of unique French style gradually tracked down its new idea, and the pattern started to move from extravagance to warmth and rural feel. Home décor enthusiasts prefer to decorate their house interior with a soothing feeling and serene allure. Such kind of style is inspired by countryside characteristics and is called French provincial furniture. At its centre lies the theme of feminine qualities that reflect mild textures and muted colours. However, details are always there, especially in fabrics, to create a soothing ambience with less opulence and contemporary features.

If you are thinking of enhancing the beauty of your house with unique French décor, take some of the essential tips that will add remarkable splendour to your home.

Changing the perspective of French provincial furniture

Three tips on achieving the French glory!

  • Details matters

Adding subtleties doesn't imply that you have to fill each side of your home with excessive décor elements. Don't exaggerate the entire setting essence. 

You can fleck your house interiors with a couple of good subtleties that will look authentic and modern. Trying too hard means taking it back to history and making it look odder.

  • Add in an antique charm

If you want to opt for a provincial charm, you can invest in antique pieces. You can get some quaint features with old-fashioned esteem and coordinate them with current settings inside your home.

This way, you can mix the old soul with the new style without compromising on simplicity. Consider having a chest of drawers going side by side with a modern armchair or metal bed.

Add in an antique charm
  •  Mirror, mirror on the wall

Never forget to blend mirrors to boost the decorative spirit of your house. In fact, plan to add more than just one. You can utilize various mirrors that are outlined with embellished pieces. Spot them at headboards, tables and cabinet chests. They generally look delightful when carefully used.

We hope we inspired you into the French provincial furniture style and impress your house guests with your new designer knowledge!