Interior Trends for 2022

In 2021, our houses continued to fulfil their blended role of both working and living spaces, as well as much-needed havens away from the uncertainty of the pandemic. This has and will persist in shaping the future of interior design following year.

In 2022, how we adorn our homes will centre around sustainability in terms of the fabrics we use and brands we buy, a renewed interest in bringing the raw world indoors, a restructuring of our living spaces to adjust to flexible working schedules, and a nostalgic dip into our design past.

"2022 will still have a focus on natural and sustainability in design," says Bo Hellberg, CMO of String Furniture. "There will be a mix of retro and natural colours, beige, warm hues, and various shades of green. Generally a more neutral and basic colour scheme. We will continue to want the ideal home office, equally practical and stylish."

Sustainability and Natural Materials

Sustainability, reliable use of materials, and the elevation of the “biophilia” trend are expected to be the ultimate design trend of next year.

Ben White, design at Swyft, says:

“Usage and sustainability of organic materials have become apparent in recent years. With the public’s increased vulnerability to climate change, the idea of sustainability has fed into the interior industry and our homes. This will translate into how we buy furniture; a move towards furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled glass and metal.”

Sustainability and Natural Materials

Sustainability trends in 2022 will concentrate on materials used in the home. Interior expert, Chloe Jonason, says: “Vintage fabrics, and textiles that are produced sustainably and with a slow ethos which drives away from mass production. From responsible enterprises with sustainability at their heart who have a direction on handmade items that will last a lifetime.”


Upcycling implies taking unwanted pieces and waste materials and turning this into a brand new product. With sustainability in mind, upcycling is an interior trend that we can all get behind.

You can find this trend also in widespread chain stores. For example, IKEA used many upcycled materials. Curtains are created from PET bottles, and waste textiles are turned into new rugs and cushions.

Vintage & antique furniture and decor

Anticipate seeing more vintage and antique furnishings and set in the home trends for 2022. Shopping vintage is a terrific way to create a better sustainable home.

Vintage & antique furniture and decor 

Plus, antique and vintage furnishings add a lot of personality to your house interior.

Natural materials

One of the overall compositions in the home decor trends for 2022 is natural essence. You can notice that in the colour trends 2022 and the way we adorn our homes. Furniture and decor in natural textiles are easy to create a realistic look in your home. Be sure to choose items where the materials are ethically sourced.


The most manageable way to bring nature inside is by adding green plants to your home. Many books can help you create an indoor plant oasis.


Organic and round shapes

The fondness for nature in our homes doesn’t just conclude with blushes and plants. But also the furnishings and decorations to get a natural look. Expect to see the more organic and rounded home decor in 2022.

Organic and round shapes

Sofas with rounded edges, organic prints on decor, and round and organic home decor pieces give your home a soft and natural look.

Emerald green decor

Online store Etsy notices a sharp boost in emerald green home decor searches. Emerald green is a rich darker green hue that adds a colourful, luxurious touch to your home. 

Emerald green decor

And Etsy even named it their Color of the Year 2022.

The 70s with a modern twist.

People will shudder thinking about 70s design. But in 2022, we saw 70s traces with a modern twist. Don’t expect that specific 70s orange colour to make a comeback. But now, the 70s trends are more focused on warm earthy tones. But the friendly environment, curved furnishings, and an assortment of patterns are something to look ahead to in 2022.

The 2022 interior design trends are building further on last year's trends—lots of attention to nature, sustainability and creating a warm, comfy home.

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