How to Create a Modern Hamptons Style Bedroom?

Have you ever dreamt of peacefully sleeping in a modern Hamptons-style bedroom? No wonder this style is gaining so much attention around the globe. It makes you feel fresh and calm and also carries strong terms with the historical Hamptons decor. The question is how we can get this elegant look in our beautiful bedroom along with bedroom furniture.Modern Hamptons bedroom has all that charm you are looking for, along with elegance and finesse. This style is perfect for creating a refined and relaxed interior. If you ever crave a space that rests and unwinds, then this Hamptons-style bedroom is the best you can have.

A bedroom decorated in the Hampton style is ideal for relaxing after a stressful day of hustling. Additionally, Hamptons-style bedroom furniture is not only pretty and elegant, but it is also convenient. As a result, it is very easy to create a bedroom that is ideally suited to all your personal needs and requirements. Find out how you can quickly achieve the Hamptons style bedroom in your home by following just a few simple styling steps. Keep on reading if you would like to get inspired by stunning bedroom ideas that can help you create a hub for winding down and relaxing, and get inspired by stunning bedroom ideas.

Best Ideas to Create a Modern Hamptons Style Bedroom

Following are some best and most innovative Hamptons bedroom ideas to create a modern and luxurious look.

Give Attention to your Bed

A bed is the most significant piece of bedroom furniture you use daily. Try to adjust it with oversized upholstered headboards and bed heads for maximum use. Only go for metal frames, as they are suitable for an elegant look. Besides this, you can also add upholstered bases and statement bedheads featuring cool and unique finishings like metal studs, tufting, diamond studs, or winged sides. In Addition, some cute accent cushions will also make a beautiful impact on your bedroom. If you have a large space, try to adjust an ottoman bench or dressing bench at the end of your bed.

Natural is Always Aesthetic

Hamptons style looks closely related to beach and coastal interiors when it comes to featuring natural materials. So the resulting style is always contemporary chic, perfect for creating a stunning look in your bedroom. To achieve this, use light wood floors, delicately woven linens, modern rattan and woven furniture, and refined stone. Due to this, these interiors don't require much decoration. It is possible to create a Hamptons-style bedroom that feels curated without overdoing the decor. With layers of handwoven textiles, refined wood, and stone surfaces, interiors have a tactile quality and visual depth.

Multilayered Beds

As a continuation of making the bed, the star lay on many layers with quilts, bedspreads, throws, and cushions. Opt for breathable natural fabrics such as cotton and linen to create that comfortable feeling associated with the Hamptons style. For a traditional Hamptons look, stick within the classic color palette of whites, neutrals, and blues, but for a more modern take, consider browns, grays, beiges and blacks. Avoid intricate patterns and let the layers take center stage.

Lighting is Cool

You don’t have to go with harsh lighting while creating a Hamptons-style bedroom. Rather, you can add various ambient, accent, and task lighting layers. To create a more glamorous Hamptons bedroom, hang a statement chandelier or bold pendant light as a general ambient light source. Use strategically placed wall lighting to highlight your signature Hamptons nautical and beach artwork, and use matching wall sconces or table lamps to make reading in bed easier. Natural materials, such as rattan pendant lights and wooden chandeliers, are safe to use, but gold and brass accents add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Adding Some Beautiful Colors

The colors used in Hamptons-style bedrooms are basic and simple, including white, blues and neutral tones like grays and earthy tones. We suggest you go with a combo of white and blue or white and neutrals. Try using this palette as a base in your Hamptons-style bedroom, and then do styling with these colors. Don't worry; it won't create any dullness; instead, it will give you the freedom to play with these colors ethnically. Because lighter shades will create a more aesthetically pleasing impact, and on the other hand, darker blues will create more warmth and grandeur in your modern Hamptons-style bedroom. In Addition, if you use white bed sheets, that will bring peace and tranquility to your sleep— a good and peaceful sleep in your beautiful Hamptons bedroom.

A little Glimpse of Decor

Hampton's decorating ideas to style your bedroom mainly focuses on high-quality pieces carved around your bedroom. The main goal is to obtain a sense of sophistication while maintaining a touch of lightness. So whenever you decide to decorate your Hamptons-style bedroom, always go for the things that add value to the interior. It will make a great impact if you use a uniquely styled mirror, flowy curtains, and soft and light furnishing around your bedroom. Selected artwork will also look best but keep them at a minimum as open white or light walls are often more striking in these styles.

Welcome a Luxurious Sense

Luxurious comfort is the biggest desire while decorating your Hamptons-style bedroom. It's not just about the size but also the quality. In reality, a Luxury Hampton-style bedroom is incomplete without luxurious sofas in the corner of the bedroom or deep cushions as well. Moreover, accent chairs and furniture with round frames will look more deluxe and soothing. These kinds of interiors work best to balance comfort in a luxurious way that we all love to have.


Florals are Real Love

Keeping beautiful flowers in your Hamptons-style bedroom will enhance your room's aesthetic and beautiful look. Besides, flowers around you will also positively impact your sleep and peace. Hydrangeas are said to be a true Hamptons classic. These flowers bloom twice in the summer months, and they will give a good look to your bedroom because of their color variations, ranging from white, pink, blue, and even purple. Besides Hydrangeas, other floral varieties look good, like lilies, white roses, orchids, and jasmine.

Floors have to be Selective

Floors are your home's foundation, so choices in this term matter a lot. It's up to you whether your flooring choice will adopt a classic look or more on the modern side; extra wide floorboards are always important to create the Hamptons style bedroom. A modern design will look best with blonde or light gray wood, while a classic look will look best with darker or whitewashed wood. Today, engineered timber floors offer all of the sophistication of solid wood floors without the high price tag that comes with them.

Ceilings Always Stand High

Lastly, ceilings are one of the most important and functional factors in decorating your Hamptons-style room. One of the common features that are applied in the ceilings decor of Hamptons style is exposed beams in natural wood, or white is applied to match the ceiling, which can help to create a modern or a rustic look but can also add panelings to the ceilings to have a more sophisticated look. Don't forget to add simple and beautiful pendant lighting to your ceiling– and your beautiful Hamptons-style bedroom is ready.

Tips Before Styling your Hamptons Style Bedroom

Following are some tips to take care of before styling your Hamptons-style bedroom:
  1. Always be tenuous while choosing colors
  2. Ensure you can make adjustments easily
  3. Always weigh your bedroom furniture
  4. Be gentle with the lighting
  5. Distribute the soft touches thoroughly
  6. Don't neglect your ceilings
  7. Pay attention to floorings
  8. Just go with your personal style


Hamptons-style bedrooms are becoming a popular choice with time. To feel the fresh vibes every time you enter your bedroom, a Hamptons-style bedroom is a perfect choice to have. You don't need to worry about getting one because, in this blog, we shared some innovative ideas for you to know to have a Hamptons-style bedroom in your house.