Discover Summer Decor Ideas for Australian Homes

Ah, summer in Australia! The days are longer, the beaches beckon and the Barbie sizzle with snacks. But how do you translate this vibrant energy into your home decor? Fear not! 

This guide is packed with summer decor ideas for Australian homes, catering to various styles and budgets.

The Australian Summer

Australian summers are unique. Unlike their northern hemisphere counterparts, they're often characterised by bright sunlight, clear blue skies, and a relaxed, outdoorsy vibe. This should be the guiding light for your summer home decor.

  • Natural Light and Breezy Spaces
  • Summer in Australia is all about embracing the sunshine. Maximise the natural light in your home by opening up curtains and blinds. Consider sheer curtains for a touch of softness that still allows light to filter through.

  • Light and Airy Furniture
  • Opt for furniture that reflects the easy-going summer spirit. Think lighter woods, natural fibres like rattan and wicker, and clean lines. Slipcovers in a crisp white or calming blue can instantly refresh your furniture.

  • Let the Colors Reflect the Season
  • Summer is a time for vibrancy! Infuse your home with a summery colour palette. Think aqua blues and sandy beiges that evoke the beach or pops of citrusy yellow and coral for a touch of sunshine. Don't be afraid to experiment!

    Australian Summer Decor Inspiration

    Now, let's delve into some specific Australian home decor styles that perfectly capture the essence of summer:

    1. Coastal Cool: Channel the laid-back beauty of the Australian coastline with a coastal-inspired theme. Think driftwood accents, seashell mobiles, and woven baskets. Accentuate with navy blue and white nautical stripes, and don't forget the iconic Aussie beach towel – a perfect throw for your sofa!
    2. Australian Country Charm: Rustic charm meets summery vibes in Australian country style—these natural textures like wood and woven fabrics. Decorate with vintage finds, floral motifs reminiscent of wildflowers, and earthy tones like burnt orange and terracotta.
    3. Modern Australian Homes: This style is all about clean lines, pops of colour, and a touch of the exotic. Think sleek furniture with pops of turquoise or emerald green. Add an Australian twist with artwork featuring native flora and fauna.

    Summer Decorating on a Budget

    Creating a stunning summer home doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some tips for budget-friendly Australian home decor:

    • DIY Magic: awaken your inner creativity! Upcycle old jars into vases, create your artwork with native Australian flora prints, or hand-sew colourful cushions using fabric remnants.
    • Shop Local: Explore local markets, op shops (thrift stores), and garage sales for hidden treasures. A vintage surfboard is perfect for a coastal theme or a unique lamp that adds a touch of personality.
    • Outdoor Inspiration: Bring the outdoors in! Decorate with potted plants, driftwood collected on a beach walk, or foraged branches adorned with fairy lights.
    • Get Crafty with Stencils: Transform plain walls with summary stencils featuring beach scenes, native flowers, or geometric patterns.

    Finding the Best Australian Home Decor Online

    Looking for some retail therapy to spruce up your summer space? Here are some top online stores for Australian home decor, catering to various styles and budgets:

    • Adairs: Renowned for their relaxed, coastal-inspired pieces with a focus on natural materials like linen and jute.
    • Kmart is a go-to for affordable home decor, with a wide selection of seasonal styles. It's perfect for finding throws, cushions, and decorative items to update your space.
    • Temple & Webster: Offers a curated selection of furniture, homewares, and artwork from Australian designers for a unique, high-quality touch.
    • Freedom: Specializes in classic and contemporary furniture pieces, perfect for creating a modern Australian oasis.
    • The Reject Shop is a great place to find budget-friendly decorative items that add pops of colour or texture to your space.
    • Target Australia: Offers a wide selection of home decor items with a focus on current trends and affordability.

    Australian Colonial and Country Style Homes

    These classic Australian home styles lend themselves perfectly to summer decorating. Their emphasis on natural light, verandas, and open floor plans allows for a seamless integration of the outdoors into your living space.

    Australian Colonial:

    • Embrace whitewashed furniture in classic silhouettes for timeless elegance.
    • Incorporate wicker chairs and ottomans for a touch of casual comfort.
    • Accentuate with nautical accents like brass lamps and ship models for a subtle coastal vibe.
    • Don't forget the iconic veranda! Dress it up with hanging plants, a hammock for lazy afternoons, and colourful outdoor cushions.

    Country Style:

    Introduce floral prints on cushions, throws, and tablecloths in a summery colour palette like yellow and blue.

    • Utilise vintage finds like galvanised metal buckets for a touch of nostalgia.
    • Embrace natural textures with jute rugs, woven baskets, and linen curtains for a rustic charm.
    • Consider adding a rustic wooden display shelf to showcase collected seashells or wildflowers from summer adventures.

    Summer Decorations for Your Home: The Finishing Touches

    Now that you've established the foundation of your summer decor, it's time for the finishing touches! Here are some ideas to add a touch of seasonal flair and create a truly inviting atmosphere:

    • Fresh Flowers: Nothing says summer like a vibrant floral arrangement. Choose native Australian blooms like banksias, kangaroo paws, or waratahs for a truly authentic touch.
    • Beach-Themed Accessories: Scatter seashells collected on beach walks, coral pieces, or miniature surfboards for a coastal vibe.
    • Summer Artwork: Hang prints featuring Australian summer icons like sun-drenched beaches, vibrant sunsets, or iconic native wildlife like koalas or kookaburras.
    • Outdoor Rugs and Throws: Add a touch of comfort and colour to your patio or balcony with outdoor rugs and throws in weather-resistant materials. Choose patterns inspired by nature or bold stripes for a modern touch.
    • Statement Lighting: Elevate your summer evenings with string lights hung across the porch or patio. Consider solar-powered options for an eco-friendly touch.

    Summer Entertaining Essentials

    Summer in Australia is all about spending time with loved ones outdoors. Here are some essentials to ensure your home is ready for those summer barbecues and pool parties:

    • Outdoor Furniture: Invest in comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture, such as a spacious barbecue dining table, lounge chairs for sunbathing, and ottomans for extra seating.
    • Outdoor Tableware: Choose durable and weatherproof tableware like melamine plates and shatterproof glasses perfect for poolside dining.
    • Outdoor Cushions and Throws: Add a splash of colour and comfort with outdoor cushions and throws in waterproof materials.
    • Outdoor Bar Cart: A stylish outdoor bar cart creates a designated space for drinks. Stock it with refreshing summer beverages like iced tea, lemonade, and locally sourced beers.

    Maintaining Your Summer Oasis

    With all the entertaining and outdoor activities, summer can be a messy time. Here are some tips to maintain your summer oasis:

    Opt for furniture and flooring materials that are easy to clean, such as outdoor rugs made from synthetic materials and furniture with wipeable surfaces—also, durable, stain-resistant fabrics and fade-resistant to withstand the elements. For storage solutions, invest in solutions like ottomans with built-in storage or waterproof storage boxes to keep outdoor toys and cushions organised. Visit Hudson Furniture for more inspiration.

    Winding Thoughts

    With creativity and these summer decor ideas, you can transform your Australian home into a haven of relaxation and sun-soaked bliss. Embrace the light, natural textures, and vibrant colours of the season. Don't forget to incorporate elements that reflect your unique style and personality. You can also give pre-loved furniture a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint or a reupholstering project.


  • My house doesn't get a lot of natural light. Can I still achieve a summery feel?
  • A: Absolutely! While natural light is ideal, there are ways to create a summer vibe even in darker spaces. Use light-coloured paint on walls and furniture to create an illusion of spaciousness. Opt for sheer curtains to soften harsh artificial light. 

  • I love the idea of incorporating native Australian flora into my decor, but fresh flowers can be expensive. Are there any alternatives?
  • There are several budget-friendly alternatives to fresh flowers. You can find beautiful dried flower arrangements featuring Australian natives like banksias or kangaroo paws. Consider DIY projects! 

  • I live in an apartment with limited outdoor space. Can I still enjoy summer entertaining?
  • Of course! Even a tiny balcony can be transformed into a summer oasis. Invest in space-saving furniture like foldable chairs and a bistro table. Vertical gardening with hanging planters can maximise space and add a touch of greenery. 

  • I rent my apartment and can't make significant changes. Are there still ways to embrace summer decor?
  • Absolutely! Focus on temporary and removable elements. Layer colourful throw rugs over existing carpets. Switch out cushion covers for summery fabrics. Decorate walls with removable wallpaper featuring beach scenes or native flora.

  • Summer in Australia can get quite hot. How can I keep my home cool without cranking up the air conditioning?
  • Focus on natural cooling techniques. Invest in blackout curtains to block out the harsh afternoon sun. Strategically placed plants can help cool the air through transpiration. Opt for natural fibres like linen and cotton for curtains and bedding. Consider hanging damp towels in doorways for a makeshift evaporative cooler.