What You Need to Know About Rattan Furniture

Shape meets functionality with modern-day rattan. Bamboo-like in appearance, the material has been used for years to make everything from baskets to furniture. It’s often used in conjunction with other natural materials, such as wicker or cork, but can be used alone as well. Today, some of the most innovative and exciting designs in the home environment stem from rattan.

What You Need To Know About Rattan Furniture

Following are a few of the reasons why you should consider Rattan furniture for your indoor or outdoor decor.

Loom of Style:

To fit any intent, it also comes in a wide range of styles. Rattan not only corporates standard sofa and dining sets, but you'll also find everything from coffee tables to bedheads. 

The definitive woven rattan texture is has a timeless style and features a well-loved texture, that effortlessly combines the country chic and traditional looks flawlessly blending country chic and trendy minimalistic, design effortlessly adds a touch of refinement to any interior or outdoor place.

Loom of Style:


Rattan provides comfort, style and warmth for backyard meals or get-togethers with friends. Its curvaceous appearance is intriguing and inviting. Enjoy the relaxing night in the comfort of your own summerhouse, on the patio or lawn. 

Rattan is also an ideal choice if you live in an area subjected to high temperatures, like along the south Atlantic coast. This is because rattan is not only comfortable but also blend in well with outdoor environments tend to radiate lots of heat (adding to the sunny, fun atmosphere)

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, one thing you want to assure is that it is comfortable. It ought to add to the relaxing garden experience.


Rattan's high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) shields the furniture from both frost wear and moss. Rattan furniture has the godsend of withstanding all sorts of weather, including typical Australian showers. 

Being waterproof, rattan furniture is also immune to UV rays, so you shouldn’t worry about fading in warmer climates.

Low maintenance:

Rattan furniture is quite simple to handle and only requires a quick wipe with water or a mild detergent to prevent stains. When deciding which items you want in your outdoor place, you'll have to consider how you will take care of the furniture you choose. 

In particular, wooden furniture will require frequent polishing or restoration, becoming quite costly and time-consuming.

Low maintenance:


You can’t go wrong with rattan furniture! Although it is much more light than most other types of furnishings. With an average lifespan of 1-2 decades.

Rattan is UV, water and stain-resistant. The woven material also facilitates air circulation, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable during summertime. 

Most people are often reluctant to invest in outdoor furniture as they're concerned they won't get as much use out of it as they'd like. Appreciating its all-weather performance and firm sturdy body, it provides a long-term acquisition that will last for generations.

Find your perfect rattan furniture:

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