Where to Buy Furniture in Australia

Want to change the style of your bedroom furniture or plan to do it with the whole house seems to be a fun but arduous task. But we all want to style our homes in ways that reflect our personality, which would be rewarding. Knowing where to begin curating your vision and eventually buying furniture in Australia will never be simple. Where to buy furniture? This is the question that will keep popping into your head until you decide to choose any of the best modern Australian furniture stores.

First, you must stick to a theme for your room or home that you can be happy with for the next few hours before even checking the budget. Are you just renovating your entire house, or will you make some changes to specific rooms in the house? Once you get these boxes ticked, it's time to go with the furniture stores to see what they got for you. You have two options: going in-store or with online furniture stores Australia.


How to Select Furniture that Suits You?

From Melbourne to Brisbane, wherever you live in Australia can influence the popular furniture choices in your area. If you're shopping for convenience, style, or budget as your top priorities, or perhaps all three? - it will depend on where you're at. It is possible to find functional and beautiful furniture in various styles, from inexpensive flat-pack storage to high-end investment pieces.


Top Furniture Styles

Homeowners in Australia can choose mountains, rivers, beaches, and the big smoke to decorate their homes according to their environment. The Hamptons decorating style may inspire a beach house, while a cottage in the mountains or southern highlands may be cozier, and more classic.

You should invest in furniture that suits your taste, but there are a few furniture styles you should consider, understand and keep in mind when curating a collection that will look great in your home.

When you're inside a furniture showroom or see furniture sales flashing on your screen, it's easy to get sidetracked. By researching before hitting the high streets, you can stick to your budget and decorating plan. You must make decisions and create a shortlist before you head out or go online. An exact idea of what you like and how much you want to spend will help you decide where to purchase furniture.

Tips Before Buying Your favorite furniture

Here are a few tips that you might need to have a look at before buying your favorite furniture:
  1. Always ensure the measurements while buying online furniture
  2. Don’t forget to check out the reviews of your favorite furniture store
  3. Check out whether your favorite brand’s return policy suits you or not
  4. Keep the furniture brands' shipping costs in mind
  5. It's better to look for those furniture stores that offer pickup facilities too
  6. Choose the best delivery method for yourself
  7. Never ignore the description of products
  8. Choose the stores which meet your needs and style
  9. Always make payments via safe and secure modes
  10. Don’t forget to shop in the season sale

What should you look for in a good furniture store

  1. Real products on display
  2. Room setups to reflect the use of the furniture in the home
  3. Multiple size availabilities
  4. Availability of precise product specifications
  5. Friendly, helpful, well-informed sales staff
  6. A vast range of fabric samples and options
  7. Clear pricing and terms of sale
No worries when we are here to save you. With our knowledge, we are sharing the complete list of the best places to buy Australian furniture. Where to buy furniture? No problem, just read and choose the most suitable option with your choice of furniture.

Top 10 Places to Buy Australian Furniture

To solve your biggest problem of Where to buy furniture? We came up with the top 15 suggestions to buy furniture in Australia. Let’s have a look at that one by one.


There is no doubt that Hudson is one of the most popular modern furniture stores online in Australia. A family-owned and operated furniture brand that is serving the Australian community at its best, with products that provide unsurpassed quality, value, durability, and aesthetic appeal to a wide range of markets. As one of the leading manufacturers of handmade solid mahogany furniture in the world, they are passionate about their commitment to delivering beautiful pieces at affordable prices. When you buy furniture online from Hudson Furniture, you are getting a timeless heirloom of exceptional quality that will last for generations to come.

Interior Secrets

With more than one decade of experience in the furniture industry, interior secrets work with globally hired interior designers to deliver masterpieces of genuine quality, sold without their branding and the crazy price tags. By cutting out the middleman, the quality Australian furniture is passed to you with zero compromises on the aesthetic side of things.

Jonathan Adler

Forget about Scandinavian minimalism—Jonathan Adler is the perfect place for people who want personality and flair in their homes. Sometimes bold, sometimes glary, and with a bit of bling on the side. Adler is experienced in delivering curated collections with big side tables, heavy metal cabinets, and sculptural chairs. Maximalist design, creativity, and impeccable materials abound are the specialty of Jonathan Adler.


Koala has already become a universal brand that changed the whole mattress game, and now they have become a millennial go-to brand for affordable furniture for your home but with a little bit of a premium touch. Koala now makes Scandinavian-inspired couches, tables, bed frames, armchairs, and much more with the choices of bundles to help you fit out an entire room for less. Koala is the best choice for modern furniture stores in Australia.

Coco Republic

Having a vast range of items, including furniture, homewares, outdoor essentials, and lighting on the site, the Coco Republic rug selection is the thing that got us hooked. If you are the one whose house has a lot of wood and polished concrete throughout the home, a good rug can help to soften the hard edges and separate larger spaces. Coco has a great line with many beautiful patterns and fabrics to choose from and a vast range of Australian furniture.

Great Dane

Being one of Australia's most prominent collectors of Scandinavian furniture, this Melbourne-based brand came into existence in 2002. Since then, it has helped its customers with hand-picked import ranges for over a decade. Also, look out for rare masterpieces from the brands like V11 and the danish brand mayor. But if your budget doesn't allow you to go with a $150,000 price tag for a sofa, try to look at other affordable brands like Klassik without ever compromising on the quality of the material.


Founded in 1918, Adairs has been functioning with native Australian designers to create masterpieces that will enhance the look of your home. With the several stores located all over the country, it's likely to get familiar with the brand; that's why we suggest you go and check out. I recommend you to visit Adairs because they not only have a great collection of Australian furniture, but they also have an excellent collection of furnishings as well. For those with a particular association for bedding, cushions, or towels, Adairs has a membership option.

RJ Living

In 2012, this family-owned Australian furniture brand was launched in Melbourne. To offer Australians an extraordinarily vast range of unique and creative pieces without the depressing price tags. Now, the company works closely with architects and designers to create beautifully designed homes that owners will come to love and have a great feeling about. All RJ Living's pieces are planned in-house at its Melbourne office, then handed to a close-knit team of manufacturers to bring them to life.RJ Living is all about complimenting a relaxed and modern Australian lifestyle, which is fully reflected throughout all collections. Comfort is the king of RJ living.

Trit House

Trit House is another Australian furniture brand founded in Melbourne; Trit House has expanded its physical stores both in Sydney and Brisbane. It mainly focuses on designing products in-house but also takes inspiration and innovative ideas from around the globe. It collaborates with global designers to create unique and elegant pieces that signify an overseas style before being given a distinctly Australian flair. Its Australian furniture collection also ranges from home to outdoor areas and workspaces. Trit house not only sells its designs, but you can also find an extensive range of third-party products.

Temple & Webster

Temple & Webster has been quite a favorite among Australian home decorators since it launched in 2011. It is one of the most famous online furniture stores in Australia. After getting a hold over the Australian-owned Wayfair brand, Temple & Webster has now exceeded 180,000 products to browse and buy, ranging from its brand to third-party retailers. Product categories include outdoor and indoor furniture, decorations of the home, and even some appliances, including the kitchen sink.


This blog briefly describes Australian furniture and where you can find the best furniture online and in stores. So, now we can expect no more questions like, where to buy furniture in Australia? Because we tried our best in this blog to clear everything out of your head. Also don't forget to read the tips before buying furniture; this will help you to take care of certain things which might save you a lot. Now you can buy your favorite Australian furniture online or in modern furniture stores. We did our job; now you have to decide!