Wooden vs Fabric BedHeads

The bedhead is an essential element of the bedroom for many people. It can make or break how good your bedroom looks and feels. So, it's worth spending some time choosing whether you want a wooden or fabric option. Both have pros and cons, so make sure you pick the one that best suits your bedroom's decor because, as said, it is a one-time investment.

Wooden bed heads can be made from various types of wood and come in a variety of colours and finishes. The most popular types are oak and pine because they are sturdy, easy to maintain, and look great in most bedrooms. Wooden bed heads can also be custom-made to fit any size mattress so if you have a king or queen-sized bed with a thick mattress then you should consider getting one made from solid wood rather than a hollowed-out piece like most other types of furniture that comes sized for smaller mattresses.

Fabric bedheads are also very popular with many people because they're easy to clean and cheap once you've bought them for your bedroom - though there's nothing wrong with splurging on one if you can afford it! You'll find lots of different sizes available too which makes them. perfect for those with smaller or larger beds than average size one.

Read along to decide which one is the best choice for your home sweet home.

Wooden Bedhead vs Fabric Bedhead

Choosing the perfect bedhead can be challenging; you want to get it right for your bedroom. Whether you are looking for a new style or something that is functional and affordable. Here are some essentials to consider when buying;


Choose a bed head that suits your room's style; choose from traditional wooden frames with fabric or modern metal frames with velour covers. You might also want to consider whether you would like an adjustable height frame so that both partners can sleep comfortably on different levels.


An essential feature of any good quality mattress is its comfort level and support ability, which comes down to personal preference. Still, some things should be considered when buying a new mattress set, such as firmness and thickness.


Make sure all materials used in construction are durable enough for long-term use without breaking down over time due to daily wear and tear (including handles). If possible, ensure these parts aren't made out of plastic since they tend not to last very long before breaking off completely!

The Fabric Style is Popular in Modern bedrooms

The fabric style is popular in modern bedrooms, which are becoming more and more common now. Many people prefer a minimalist look with their furnishings and accessories, so they can focus on the decor elements they want to highlight. A crucial part of modern bedroom design is the use of clean lines, minimal colours, and lots of light. This allows you to focus on the decor elements you want to highlight— think fabric bedheads are perfect for this! The smooth material will reflect light beautifully and give your bedroom a bright look that is perfect for the modern home. Modern bedrooms often have a clean, white aesthetic: think sleek furniture pieces and lots of light coming into the room. In this context, fabric luxury bed heads fit perfectly! The smooth material will reflect light beautifully and give your bedroom a bright look that is perfect for the modern home.

Fabric bedhead is Not Suitable for People Who Enjoy Sitting on the Bed

A fabric headboard is unsuitable for people or pets who enjoy sitting on the bed. Fabric may also stain easily. Although it is easier to clean than a wood upholstered bed, removing stains and dirt from the material will require some effort. As a result, you may want to consider purchasing a more durable material, such as solid wood, if you have children or pets that sit on your bed regularly who intend to mess it all up!

Fabric Bedheads Cost a Lot Less Than Their Wooden Counterparts

Fabric bedheads tend to cost a lot less, making them an affordable choice for those who may not have as much money to spare. And with the many different designs available, you can find one that complements your home's interior design and décor. There are also many advantages of fabric bed heads:
  1. They are easy to clean and maintain
  2. You don't need to worry about fading or discolouration since they're made from 100% cotton

Wooden Bed Heads are Versatile

Here’s our Marseille Rattan wooden headboard australia, available in both King and Queen sizes.
  1. One of the main benefits of a wooden bedhead is that it can be customised to fit into your home perfectly. The first thing to consider is the type of wood that you want your bedhead to be made out of. There are many different types of wood which means that you can find one that fits into your home perfectly.
  2. The second thing to consider is the colour and finish you would like your bedhead to have, as this will add an extra touch and make it look even more stunning in its new position within your room!
  3. The third thing to consider is what style of wooden bedhead you would like. There are many different styles available, and each one has its own unique look, which will add an extra touch of class to your bedroom.

Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary!

There are two types of headboards: fabric and timber. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on what you need out of your headboard.

If you’re looking to save money or if you want to add some modern flair to your bedroom, then a fabric headboard may be right for you. On the other hand, if you want something more traditional that can go with any decor, timber is probably your best option.

Both styles have their pros and cons in terms of looks and functionality; they just don’t offer the same benefits as each other. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, then it’s best to do some research.

Browse through different websites and magazines that feature bedroom design ideas and get a feel for what type of bed headboard will best suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of Wooden bedhead vs Fabric bedheads. As a designer, I think they both have their merits, but it really depends on the space and looks you’re going for. If you want something rustic with an organic feel that will last for years, then go for oak or pine; if you want something softer on your eyes (and head), then go for fabric!

In our opinion, wooden bed heads are the better option because they are more durable and less likely to warp over time. However, there are some great fabric headboards out there that can be used in conjunction with a wooden frame if desired. Visit Hudson Furniture for more inspiration.