As Sydney's most well-regarded furniture manufacturer, Hudson Furniture takes things to the next level with our latest range. These handcrafted pieces are made with care and precision, so that we can bring our customers the best in Plantation style pieces. Our expert craftsmen have years of experience in creating furniture of unrivaled quality. 

At Hudson Furniture, we care about more than just exquisite craftsmanship. Care for the environment is also a significant priority in our business. Because of this, all of our Plantation range is made from sustainably-harvested wood. Our range of the latest designs is built from Indonesian Oak and hand woven rattan of impeccable quality. Not only is it strong and long-lasting, but the renewable nature means that our customers can be positive that their latest pieces of furniture aren't doing harm to our world.

Our skilled craftsmen use a range of classic techniques to ensure that the build quality of these pieces is superb. Making everything by hand ensures that our furniture has that amazing feel that can only come when it is built with someone's sweat and dedication.

Our catalogue features a variety of furniture across a range of styles, but we also offer custom pieces if you would like something specific. Visit our Prestons  showroom or contact us if you would like a truly unique piece of furniture that stands out in your home. Our designers and craftsmen can work with your ideas to make the furniture you want a reality.

At Hudson furniture, we both manufacture the pieces and sell them to the public. This allows us to produce excellent furniture at an affordable price, without having to sacrifice on quality. No matter what room you want your furniture for, Hudson Furniture has a piece that you are sure to love.

14 products

14 products