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Welcome to our Hudson’s home furniture packages, where style meets comfort to transform your living spaces into captivating havens. Discover a meticulously curated selection that harmoniously blends functionality with aesthetics, offering you the ultimate home furnishings. Our packages encompass diverse themes, from contemporary chic to timeless elegance, ensuring something to cater to every taste and preference. Indulge in the luxury of convenience as our thoughtfully designed packages provide a seamless and hassle-free approach to revamping your interiors.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, our furniture promises durability and comfort, creating inviting arrangements for relaxation and socialising. Experience the joy of a perfectly furnished space with our furniture packages that elevate your home and reflect your distinct personality and flair for design.

Discover Hudson’s Difference in Home Furniture Packages

When selecting the perfect home furniture package for your home, Hudson stands head and shoulders above the rest. With a legacy of excellence spanning over two decades and a commitment to crafting unparalleled living spaces, Hudson offers a compelling array of reasons to choose us for your furnishing needs.

Exquisite Curation

Our home furniture packages are not mere collections but thoughtfully curated ensembles designed to resonate with various aesthetics and preferences. Hudson’s packages cater to diverse tastes, whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of modern minimalism, rustic charm warmth, or classic designs’ timeless elegance. Each piece has been handpicked to ensure coherence and harmony within the package, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your style.

 Quality Craftsmanship

We take immense pride in the quality of our furniture. Each piece is crafted with precision and care, using premium materials that guarantee longevity and comfort. From the solid wood frames that provide robust support to the sumptuously upholstered cushions that invite relaxation, every detail is meticulously attended to. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your investment are our top priorities.

Seamless Convenience

Hudson understands the demands of modern living. Our home furniture packages offer a hassle-free solution to transform your spaces. No more agonising over matching pieces or arranging deliveries; we’ve done the hard work for you. Our expert designers have meticulously curated each package to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. With Hudson, you can effortlessly enjoy a perfectly coordinated interior, giving you more time to savour the joys of your beautifully furnished space.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Hudson, your satisfaction is paramount. Our reliable support team is always ready to assist you, from selecting the right package to addressing any queries. We understand that every home is different, and our team is equipped to provide personalised guidance and recommendations that suit your specific needs. Your journey with Hudson is marked by exceptional service at every step.

Affordable Luxury

Elegance shouldn’t come at an exorbitant price. Hudson’s home furniture packages offer luxury at prices that won’t break the bank. Experience the joy of premium furnishings without compromising your budget. Our commitment to affordability ensures that everyone can indulge in the comfort and sophistication that our packages bring to their living spaces.

Choose your Furniture Package

Living Room


Elevate your living room with the “Kingston Sofa,” a sleek and aesthetic design masterpiece that seamlessly blends comfort with contemporary aesthetics.

Coffee Table

Complement the sofa’s allure with the “Tyrone Coffee Table,” boasting clean lines and a minimalist design that adds elegance to your living space.

TV Unit

Meet your storage and style needs effortlessly with the “Boston TV Unit,” a versatile piece that offers a dedicated space for your entertainment equipment while enhancing the overall ambience.

Dining Room

Dining Table

Make a statement in your dining area with the “Pedestal Round Dining Table,” an embodiment of elegance and sturdiness that serves as the perfect centrepiece for memorable gatherings.

Dining Chairs

Infuse sophistication and comfort into your dining setup with the “Sabilla Dining Chairs,” striking the perfect balance between style and ergonomic support.



Transform your bedroom into a cosy haven with the beautiful and pleasant collection of beds, a fusion of contemporary and classic design that creates an inviting, relaxing atmosphere.


Elevate functionality and aesthetics with the “Estate Nightstands,” offering practical bedside storage while seamlessly aligning with the room’s overall design.


The “Opium Dressing Table” complements the bed and provides ample storage space, ensuring your bedroom remains organised and visually appealing.

Home Office


Enhance your productivity in style with the Hudson’s Office Desk collection, a clean and functional workspace designed to cater to your home office requirements.

Office Chair

Prioritise comfort and ergonomics with our comfortable and relaxing Office Chairs,  a blend of design and functionality that supports you during those focused work sessions.


Outdoor Dining Set

Elevate your outdoor dining experiences with Hudson’s luxurious dining collection, offering a harmonious blend of style and comfort for memorable meals and gatherings.

Outdoor Lounge

Create an inviting outdoor retreat with Hudson’s elegant Lounge furniture, providing a cosy and stylish seating area where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Remember, personal preferences and the layout of your space play a significant role in making your selections. Explore the Hudson Furniture website for more options and details about each piece. Your journey towards a beautifully furnished home begins here.

Tailored Elegance and Functionality

Discover a world of refined living with Hudson Furniture’s captivating range of home furniture packages. We take immense pride in presenting an exquisite collection that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with unparalleled functionality. Whether you’re drawn to contemporary chic or classic sophistication, our home furniture packages offer a cohesive and effortless solution. Elevate your home with pieces that reflect meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional comfort, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Experience the joy of creating a harmonious living environment that speaks to you, exclusively with Hudson Furniture’s home furniture packages.

Sustainability at the Core of Hudson’s Home Furniture Packages

Step into a realm where artistry converges with sustainability, where every intricate detail is fashioned with meticulous care and precision. Hudson Furniture is firmly committed to prioritising the environment. This commitment is echoed throughout our home furniture packages, where each design is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans using sustainably grown mahogany. This exquisite wood not only exudes unparalleled beauty and lasting durability but also embodies our dedication to minimising our ecological footprint. 

Every intricately carved piece narrates a unique story, reflecting our artisans’s unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. From the gentle contours to the intricate motifs, each component comes alive, showcasing the timeless allure of ethically sourced mahogany. By opting for Hudson Furniture, you’re embracing unmatched craftsmanship and actively contributing to a greener future. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of hand-carved designs and the allure of sustainable luxury – a distinction exclusively found at Hudson Furniture.

Seamless Delivery

When you opt for our bespoke furniture options, you embark on a journey to bring your unique vision to life. Crafting such personalised pieces requires time and attention, but we assure you that the wait will be richly rewarded. With a 12-14 weeks delivery window for bespoke selections, we meticulously oversee every step to ensure your furniture is impeccably crafted. From the moment you confirm your order to the day of delivery, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and enchanting experience. 

Rest assured that your patience will be handsomely repaid with a stunning masterpiece that exceeds your expectations. Embrace the anticipation and excitement as your envisioned furniture becomes a reality – the journey to your bespoke pieces begins at Hudson Furniture.

Explore Our Collection Online

Embark on an exhilarating journey from the comfort of your home! Step into the digital realm of limitless possibilities as you browse our exquisite home furniture packages online at Hudson Furniture. You can immerse yourself in diverse styles and curated ensembles with just a few clicks. Indulge in the excitement of virtual shopping as you uncover a universe of luxury and design where every detail is meticulously showcased.

Immerse yourself in the convenience of online browsing, where time seems to stand still as you navigate our captivating collection. Choose home furniture packages that resonate with your aesthetic aspirations, and let your interior design dreams come to life with Hudson Furniture’s unparalleled online shopping experience.

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