A Guide to Selecting the Perfect King Bedroom Suite in Australia

Ah, the king bedroom suite – the undisputed ruler of the sleep sanctuary. It's a haven for relaxation, a stage for weekend movie marathons, and a symbol of ultimate comfort. But with many options available in Australia, choosing the perfect king-bedroom suite can feel overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to find the king-sized suite of your dreams.

This comprehensive guide explores the world of king-bedroom suites, covering everything you need to know to find the perfect fit for your Australian home. From understanding the different types and styles to exploring key considerations and essential tips, we'll equip you to make an informed and stylish choice.

Exploring Different Types of King Bedroom Suites

The term "king bedroom suite" encompasses a variety of furniture combinations. Here's a breakdown of some standard configurations:

4-Piece King Bedroom Suite: This is the most popular choice. It typically includes a king-size bed frame, two bedside tables, and a tallboy (a tall chest of drawers). It offers ample storage space and a cohesive aesthetic for your bedroom.

5-Piece King Bedroom Suite: This configuration adds a dresser with a mirror to the 4-piece suite, providing even more storage and a space to display decorative items.

King Bed Package: This might include just the essential pieces – a king-size bed frame and a mattress.

A Spectrum of Styles

King bedroom suites offer many styles to complement your taste and existing decor. From the clean lines and functionality of modern minimalism to the warmth and natural elements of Scandinavian simplicity, a suite suits every preference. Create a coastal haven with Hamptons chic whitewashed finishes and woven textures, or evoke Parisian elegance with a French provincial suite featuring ornate details and curved lines. Channel the Mad Men era with mid-century modern walnut finishes and pops of colour. But before diving in, consider practical factors like size, storage needs, and mattress compatibility to ensure your dream suite becomes a reality.

Critical Considerations for Choosing Your King Bedroom Suite

Now that you understand the different types of king-bedroom suites in Australia, let's see the crucial factors to consider when making your selection:

Style: Your bedroom suite should complement your overall home decor. Do you favour a classic and timeless look? Or are you drawn to the clean lines of modern minimalism, or the rustic charm of farmhouse style? Australian retailer Hudson Furniture offers various styles to suit every taste, from traditional timber suites to sleek and modern upholstered designs.

Material: The material of your king bedroom suite plays a significant role in aesthetics and durability. Popular options in Australia include solid wood, timber veneer, engineered wood, and fabric upholstery. Solid wood offers timeless elegance and durability, while timber veneer provides a more affordable option with a similar look. Engineered wood balances cost and stability, and fabric upholstery adds a touch of softness and sophistication.

Storage Needs: Consider how much storage space you require. Look for a suite with features like drawers in the bed frame, bedside tables with compartments, and a spacious dresser. Australian retailers often offer suites with various storage configurations, so choose one that caters to your needs.

Size and Scale: Measure your bedroom space to ensure the king-size suite fits comfortably. Don't forget to account for clearance around the bed for easy movement and access.

King Single vs. King Size: While both terms reference beds wider than a single bed, there's a crucial difference. A king-size single is designed for one person and is narrower than a standard king-size bed, which is ideal for couples. Australian retailers might use both terms, so ensure you select a suite designed for a king-size mattress.

Exploring Additional Features

Once you've narrowed down your options based on style, material, storage needs, and size, consider these additional features to find the perfect bedroom:

  • Headboard Options: Headboards come in various styles and materials, from classic upholstered designs to modern platform beds. They can add a touch of personality and comfort to your bed. Look for Australian retailers offering headboard options within their king-bedroom suite packages.
  • Built-in Lighting: Some bedroom suites, particularly modern ones, offer built-in lighting features in the headboard or bed frame. This can add a touch of ambience and functionality to your bedroom.
  • Integrated Technology: While not as common, some high-end king bedrooms might offer integrated technology features.

Top Tips for Selecting Your King Bedroom Suite in Australia

Here are some final tips to ensure a smooth and successful king-bedroom suite shopping experience in Australia:

Before diving headfirst into a sea of luxurious linens and plush mattresses, take a moment to consider your budget. Determining how much you're comfortable spending on your king bedroom suite immediately will streamline your search and prevent impulse buys that might leave your wallet feeling light.

Next, it's time to explore! Australia boasts a diverse range of furniture retailers, both online and in-store. Don't be afraid to shop around and compare prices and features. Patience is a virtue here, and you might snag a fantastic deal on a king-bedroom suite during a seasonal sale or promotion.

While aesthetics are important, those who don't love a gorgeous bedroom sanctuary prioritise comfort. Don't just admire the suite from afar! Sit on the bed, open and close drawers, and assess the overall sturdiness. Your king bedroom suite should be a haven of relaxation, so ensure it feels as good as it looks.

With these tips as your guide, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect king suite. After all, a good night's sleep is an investment; your suite should be the cornerstone of a restful retreat. So find the suite of your dreams, transform your bedroom into a king's (or queen's) chamber, and get ready to experience the ultimate slumber!

Hudson Furniture’s take on King Headboards 

  • Marseille Rattan Bedhead King Size
  • Introducing the Marseille, a king-size headboard crafted from gorgeous weathered oak & featuring stunning hand-woven rattan. This beauty seamlessly blends modern & classic styles, making it perfect for any bedroom!

  • King Size Mala Timber and rattan bedhead
  • The Mala headboard takes inspiration from the classic plantation style, developed centuries ago for tropical living. It features hand-woven natural rattan for breathability and an Indonesian oak frame with a cool lime wash finish.

    This beauty is available in King & Queen sizes and will add a touch of timeless elegance to your bedroom. 

  • Lismore Four Poster Bed - King Size
  • Level up your bedroom with the Lismore. This contemporary take on the classic four-poster bed is a true statement piece.

    Here's the lowdown:

    • Crafted from hand-carved, sustainable mahogany by our skilled artisans.
    • Design your dream bed: choose your colour, finish, and size! (because one size doesn't always fit all).
    • King-sized luxury: 217cm high, 195cm wide, and 230cm deep for ultimate comfort.
    • Bespoke options are available, with a 12-14 week delivery.

  •  Rococo Bed - King size
  • Feeling extra boujee? Indulge in our decadent bed, inspired by Marie Antoinette & the Rococo era! Over-the-top details & luxurious design for the ultimate glam bedroom. Upholstered in our dreamy oatmeal fabric (but we can customise it to ANY of our finishes!).

    Final Thoughts

    By prioritising your needs, exploring various options, and considering the valuable tips outlined above, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect king-bedroom suite. Remember, your king bedroom suite should invest in relaxation and reflect your style. So, embrace the search, find the suite that speaks to you, and transform your bedroom into a true king's (or queen's) chamber!


  • Do I Need a Super King Bedroom Suite if I Have a Large Bedroom?
  • While super king mattresses offer ultimate luxury, they aren't always necessary for a spacious bedroom. Consider your sleep style. A standard king-size bed might suffice if you and your partner value ample personal space while sleeping. 

  • Can I Purchase Individual Pieces to Create My King Bedroom Suite?
  • Absolutely!  Many Australian retailers offer king-size bedroom suite packages, but you're not limited to these sets. 

  • Are There Any Space-Saving Options for King Bedroom Suites?
  • Look for suites with built-in drawers in the bed frame or ottomans with storage compartments at the foot of the bed. Additionally, consider platform beds that offer storage space underneath.

  • What are Some Popular Trends in King Bedroom Suites in Australia?
  • Modern minimalism and a focus on clean lines are prominent trends. Upholstered bed frames, platform beds, and muted colour palettes are popular. Additionally, natural materials like timber and woven textures are gaining traction for a touch of organic warmth.

  • Should I Buy a Mattress with My King Bedroom Suite?
  • While some retailers offer king bedroom suite packages that include a mattress, it's not always the best option. Mattresses are a highly personal choice, and you should prioritise comfort and support for your specific needs. Explore mattress options independently to ensure you find the perfect match for your sleep style.