Modern Sideboards And Buffets Australia

Breathe life into your contemporary Australian home with the perfect blend of style and functionality. Modern sideboards and buffets from Hudson Furniture are more than just storage solutions; they're striking focal points that elevate your living space. 

Discover a range of options, from sleek minimalism to mid-century charm, each crafted with high-quality materials and designed to integrate with your existing décor. Let Hudson Furniture help you find the perfect sideboard or buffet to enhance your home's functionality and style, creating a space that reflects your unique personality.

Living Space with Modern Sideboards and Buffets at Hudson Furniture

In the contemporary Australian home, where style seamlessly blends with functionality, modern sideboards and buffets are offered. Here’s to beyond mere storage solutions. They become striking focal points, enhancing your living space with a touch of sophistication and practicality.

Defining Modern Appeal

Modern sideboards and buffets at Hudson Furniture are characterised by:

  • Clean lines and minimalist design: these features create a sense of openness and visual clarity, making them ideal for both spacious and compact interiors. They avoid clutter and visually expand the space.
  • High-quality materials: Our selection boasts a variety of options to suit your design preferences and budget. Each material offers unique advantages, from the warmth of solid timber like oak or walnut to the sleekness of tempered glass and the durability of engineered wood.
  • Multiple finishes: Choose from classic oak and walnut to contemporary matte black and high-gloss white, or even bolder options like metallic finishes. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the piece with your existing furniture and create the desired aesthetic. 
  • Functional storage: Featuring a combination of drawers, shelves, cabinets, and open display areas, our sideboards and buffets offer ample space.
  • Organise your belongings: Keep everything neatly stored, eliminating clutter and creating a sense of order.
  • Display your treasured items: Showcase your favourite artwork, collectables, or decorative pieces, adding a personal touch to your space.
  • Clutter-free: By providing ample storage, these pieces help maintain a clean and organised living area.

Finding the Perfect Piece for Your Needs

With the diverse range at Hudson Furniture, you can find the sideboard or buffet that fits your specific requirements.

Consider your space:

  • Small rooms: Opt for narrow sideboards, ideally around 120-140 cm wide, with a streamlined design to maximise space. Wall-mounted buffets can also be an excellent space-saving solution, offering additional storage without occupying valuable floor space.
  • Larger rooms: Introduce a statement piece with a wider sideboard or buffet, ranging from 160-180 cm in width, offering additional storage and display space. This allows for creatively using the extra surface area for more oversized items or creating a sophisticated display.

Consider your style:

  • Mid-century modern: Look for pieces with tapered legs, brass accents, and warm wood finishes like walnut or teak. This style evokes a sense of retro charm and elegance.
  • Scandinavian: minimalism and functionality with clean lines, light wood tones like ash or oak, and light fabrics. This style promotes a sense of completeness and simplicity.
  • Industrial: Choose a sideboard or buffet with a metal frame, exposed hardware, and reclaimed wood elements. This style creates a raw, authentic, and statement-making piece.
  • Contemporary: Opt for high-gloss finishes like white or black, geometric shapes, and integrated LED lighting for a modern and sleek aesthetic. This style reflects a clean and polished look.

Consider your desired functionality:

  • need additional storage for tableware and linens? Choose a buffet with drawers and plenty of cabinet space to store your dining essentials conveniently.
  • want to showcase your collectables or artwork? Opt for a sideboard with open display shelving or glass cabinets, allowing you to display your treasures while adding visual interest proudly.
  • looking for a multifunctional piece? Choose a sideboard or buffet with a built-in bar section or integrated wine storage catering to your entertainment needs.
  • Beyond Aesthetics: Benefits of Modern Sideboards and Buffets

Browse Our Collection

We invite you to explore our diverse selection of modern sideboards and buffets online or visit your nearest Hudson Furniture store. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist you in finding the perfect piece to meet your needs and elevate your space.

Hudson Furniture Inspiration

  • Mala Timber and Rattan Buffet
  • Introducing the stunning Mala Timber and Rattan Buffet, crafted with precision from solid Indonesian Oak. This exquisite piece blends timeless elegance with modern aesthetics, featuring delicate rattan inserts that add a touch of natural charm. The buffet stands on sturdy steel legs, and its handles are gracefully painted in understated gold, offering a subtle yet luxurious accent.

  • American Sideboard
  • Introducing the American Sideboard, a beautifully crafted piece of solid Mindy wood. It boasts a timeless and classic look, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. The addition of aged brass hardware gives it a vintage touch, adding character and sophistication.

    This sideboard provides ample storage and serves as a statement piece for any room. The American Sideboard effortlessly enhances your home decor with warm tones and elegant detailing. Experience the enduring charm where craftsmanship meets timeless style.

  • Monaco Sideboard
  • Introducing the Monaco Sideboard– a true embodiment of high-end luxury. The patterned veneers and sleek gunmetal inlay make it absolutely stunning. Beyond its visual appeal, it's also practical, offering plenty of storage with four drawers and two doors. Bring a touch of opulence and functionality into your space with the Monaco range, where style and utility beautifully converge.

  • Farmhouse Hidden Drawer Sideboard
  • Meet the Farmhouse Hidden Drawer Sideboard, a charming addition to your home decor. Crafted with the rustic appeal of farmhouse aesthetics, this sideboard features a clever hidden drawer, adding a touch of mystery and functionality. Embrace your space's warm, inviting atmosphere, blending traditional farmhouse style with modern practicality.

  • Carved English Sideboard
  • Introducing the Solid Mahogany English Sideboard, a timeless piece of furniture that exudes elegance and craftsmanship. It offers a substantial presence in any space with dimensions of 90cm in height, 200cm in width, and 50cm in depth.

    This sideboard is a testament to the rich beauty of solid mahogany and provides versatility. You can explore various options in all our finishes to suit your taste and interior. For further details on finishes, please refer to our dedicated section.


    From stunning designs crafted with precision to versatile storage solutions, our curated range combines functionality with contemporary elegance. Whether you seek a statement piece or a seamless integration with your existing decor, our diverse selection caters to all tastes. Explore the perfect fusion of style and practicality and transform your home into a haven of modern sophistication. Shop now to redefine your space with our premium quality and beautifully designed modern sideboards and buffets.


    What is the typical size range for modern sideboards and buffets in Australia?

    Sizes vary, but common ranges include widths between 120-200 cm, heights around 80-100 cm, and depths of 40-60 cm.

    Can I customise the finish or colour of the sideboard to match my existing furniture?

    Yes, many vendors offer customisation options, allowing you to select finishes and colours that complement your existing decor.

    Are the materials used in the sideboards and buffets sourced sustainably?

    It depends on the brand and model. Some manufacturers prioritise sustainable sourcing, so checking product descriptions or contacting the seller for specific details is advisable.

    What storage options are commonly found in modern sideboards and buffets?

    Common storage options include shelves, drawers, and cabinets, providing versatile spaces for organising dishes, linens, or other items.

    Are the sideboards delivered fully assembled or in flat-pack form for easy assembly?

    Delivery options vary. Some may come fully assembled, while others may require minimal assembly. Check the product details or contact the seller for specific information.

    Can I request materials or finish samples before purchasing?

    Many sellers offer sample requests for materials and finishes, allowing you to assess the quality and match your interior before deciding.

    Do modern sideboards and buffets come with any warranty or guarantee?

    Warranty policies differ, so it's recommended to review the specific product's warranty information provided by the manufacturer or retailer.

    How can I determine the right size of the sideboard for my space and storage needs?

    Measure your available space and consider the items you intend to store. Look for a sideboard that comfortably fits your designated area while offering sufficient storage space.

    Are there any current design trends or popular styles in modern sideboards and buffets?

    Contemporary trends include clean lines, minimalistic designs, and a preference for natural materials. However, styles can vary, so explore different options based on your preferences.

    Can you provide recommendations for coordinating sideboards with other furniture in a modern living space?

    Opt for complementary colours and styles to create a cohesive look. Consider material, finish, and design aesthetics to ensure a harmonious blend with your existing furniture.