Buying Furniture Online VS In-Store

To keep up with the fast paced life, people are turning to online shopping for everything. That also includes buying furniture online because why not? How will you get it here if you live in Melbourn and like something in the Sydney market?

Trust factor plays a huge role in buying furniture online. However, the cherry on top is the feasibility of scrolling through every piece of furniture peacefully. That's where buying furniture online comes in.

Buying Furniture Online Vs In-Store

Most Australian furniture stores are authentic, with fast delivery and no compromise on quality. But still, there are doubts in every customer's mind that why buy furniture online when you can physically go to the store, check the quality and make your decision. Let's discuss in detail: is it better to buy furniture online or in-store?


Pros of Online Shopping

Saves Time

When you want your weekends to be relaxing at your home with your family, buying furniture from the store is the last thing on anyone's list. Why would anyone waste energy, travel expenses and time in shopping from a furniture store? With our busy schedule, it can be easier to browse furniture online rather than drive all the way to the store.

Variety Of Shopping

Online shopping gives you the luxury of looking at the wide variety of furniture in other cities as well. When buying furniture online, there are various sites you can visit within minutes and scroll to select your desired furniture. You can order online whichever brand you like, and your furniture will be delivered to your doorstep.

Different Models And Colours Available

A store would not have furniture in different colours or models, while an online catalogue would show you various styles for a particular furniture piece. Furniture in store has single pieces of furniture in standard colours for display. On the contrary, an online catalogue would allow you to redesign your furniture in different colours and styles, and you can see every detail of its quality.


All Australian furniture online stores usually has a set of reviews so you can judge the store from customer’s experiences. The best part of buying furniture online is you can see youtube videos related to the store and how furniture looks in a room. Besides, user reviews about the store will give you the idea of the delivery time, guarantees policy, assembling furniture and which salesperson to seek advice from.

Fast Delivery and Discount

While shopping for furniture, a question crosses everyone's mind; is it cheaper to buy furniture online or in store? Because of online sales, you get 10% off when subscribing to their newsletter. So, it's a bit cheaper while purchasing something in-store. Not to mention its fast delivery as you don't need to think about how you will fit the furniture in your car as you place the order and add it to your cart as it will be delivered to you at your doorsteps.

Cons of Online Shopping

Wrong Product Delivery

When buying furniture online, there is a chance that the wrong product is delivered or any part s missing in the furniture piece. To return the product or get the missing parts shipped is one hassle that customers often face when shopping online.


Color Difference

Online pictures are edited, filtered and the lighting effect is adjusted so the product appeals the potential customers. The photography is professional, but due to editing, you may notice a slight difference in the colour compared to what you see in person.

Pros of In-Store Shopping

Better Judgment Of Quality

Buying furniture in store will give you a better judgment of the quality of fabrics being used. You can see the furniture details in person and ask for a better price from a salesman, while online, you don't have that option. You can even request a better fabric option and see the colours in person because many times the colour shade displayed online significantly differs from what you see in front of you. .

Human Connection

There is a human connection between the customer and the salesperson. It builds trust within the customer that they can ask anything, and if something goes wrong, they can always call the store or the person and visit in person about the mishap. Customers better understand the prices, furniture and details about the product if a human connection is involved.

Not Waiting For Delivery Time

When buying furniture online you have to wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep, but when buying furniture in store, you can put it in your car on the same day. You don't have to wait for several days to get it delivered, and if there is an issue with the assembling, you can go to the store, and they will figure it out for you.

Cons Of Furniture Shopping In-Store

Limited Browsing

One of the cons of furniture store is that there is minimal browsing experience. You can go to one shop, browse your furniture there and then travel to the second store which will consume a lot of time and money. While online, you can open as many tabs as you want, to browse your favourite furniture store.


Not Enough Option

When buying furniture in store there are not many options available for you to explore as they display one or two pieces of furniture in a neutral colour. If you want to redesign it with a different colour, you just have to trust them to make in the exact colour of your choice. While online, you can browse through the colours available in the store.



The list of buying furniture online vs in-store can go on, and both sides will have their pros and cons separately. But, one of the enormous advantages online shopping has over in-store shopping is being at home and comfortably shopping. While in the store, you will have human interaction and can see the material of fabrics in person. You can go for one which is suitable for you. So, happy furniture shopping!